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The topics below are in this order--> genealogy, art, books, communications, food/recipes, geography, images, links, miscellaneous, site information, social customs, and travel. This is a long page -- scroll down.

articles on Croatian history, source of
asking questions, getting more help
Austrians??!! (Croatians were citizens of Austria)
birthdates are often wrong
causes of death, in church records
churches, writing to Croatian
church addresses, finding Croatian
church documents, reading
church records, description of various
church records, history of
church records, lists and examples of
church records of Rijeka archive
churches & villages of Konavle
collecting information on your surname
county, finding, when village is known
Croatian communities outside of Croatia
Croatian Immigration History Project
Croatian on-line forums, submitting to
death, causes of, in church records
domazet, man takes woman's surname
Dubrovnik area surnames
Dubrovnik fact-finding service
Dubrovnik, immigration history project
first names, Dubrovnik area
first names, Mali Los"inj
forums, Croatian on-line, description of, links to
forums, Croatian on-line, submitting to
genealogy services, professional
glossary of terms in church records
history, source of articles on Croatian
home village, finding the
illegitimate children in genealogy
immigrants, photos of, (with surnames)
inheritance customs
Istrian church records, Latin terms of
Jerin's, Robert, links
Kapetanic' Genealogy Services
Korc"ula, a partial list of surnames
Latin terms from Istrian church records
LDS microfilms, reading
list of surname variants
locate a known village in Croatia
locate the county in Croatia
Mali Los"inj, list of first names from
matic"ne knjige (type of church record), description
matic"ne knjige, history of
matic"ne knjige of Rijeka archive
medical terms, in church records
months, list of, in church records, in 4 languages
naming conventions, in Croatia
no magic button in Croatian genealogy
occupations, in church records
old photos
orphans, as listed in church records
parish records (see church record or matic"ne knjige)
photos, old, of Croatian immigrants (with surnames)
photos, unidentified
photos from Dubrovnik area, archiving project
professional genealogy services (Croatian)
reading church documents
reading LDS microfilms
Rijeka archive
, church records in
share your research
social customs which can lead to proper ID
spelling the original surname
Stanja Dus"a (or Stalis" Dus"a) (type of church record)
success stories, methods that worked
surname, collecting information on your
surname variants, registry of
surnames, registry of [discontinued but the old one is still there]
surnames, variations in spelling of
surnames of Konavle
surnames of Korc"ula (town)
surnames of the Dubrovnik area
tutorials for genealogists
Vekaric' Genealogy Services
writing to the church

Art: drawings, paintings, folk art, national dress (nos"nja), embroidery, etc.
art, drawings, paintings of Croatian scenes (as found in archives)
artist, folk, Miho S"is"a [Miho Sisa]
embroidery, Croatian
nos"nja (national dress) [nosnja]
nos"nje, book review and samples from the book [nosnje]
photos, old, showing national dress
S"ibenik, national dress, embroidery [Sibenik]

Books: books, booksellers, bibliographies, etc./magazines
bibliography (books on Croatian genealogy & history)
book reviews (Croatian genealogy)
bookseller, of Croatian books
magazine (source of articles on Croatian history)

Communications: addressing letters, phoning, using the on-line telephone directory and postal code directory, etc.
addresses, old Yugoslavian (converting to Croatian)
addresses, reading, in the on-line Croatian phone book
addressing letters to Croatia
area code/postal code correlation
cell phones in Croatia
churches, writing to Croatian
county, finding, when village is known
postal codes in Croatia, explained
postal codes, finding (more help)
telephone directory, Croatian on-line, how to use

Food, recipes.
kobasica, where to buy by mail order (Croatian sausage)

Geography: maps, postcards, regions, villages.
Croatian communities outside of Croatia
Konavle (southern-most part of Croatia):
drawings of
genealogist for
folk art
maps of
national dress of [nos"nja]
Ploc"ice group photos [Plocice]
postcards of
surnames, list of
villages/churches, list of
villages, photos of

Maps -- complete map index
Austrian Empire
counties of Croatia
Croatia through the centuries
map copying service
postcards, old, of Croatia
Roslyn, Washington (cemeteries)
streets named for Croatians
villages, photos of some Croatian
Watsonville, California
photos of immigrants of, (with surnames)
Z"upa, photo of [Zupa, near Dubrovnik]

Images, photos.
art, found in archives
Croatian Immigrant History Project
nos"nja (national dress) [nosnja]
photo index
photos, old, of Croatian immigrants (with surnames)
photos, old, showing national dress
photos, unidentified
Ploc"ice group photos (a village in Konavle)
search for images at Google, how to
unknown photos
write names on your photos

links page for this website
Jerin's, Robert, links

businesses, Croatian, in Watsonville
HR bumperstickers
kuna (how Croatian money got its name)
pronouncing and spelling Croatian
Radovic', Balunc"e, a remarkable man
translators, list of
travel guides, list of

Site information (info about this website).
about this site
contributing to this website (ideas, submitting material, comments)
Croatian alphabet as shown on this site
how to search this site

Social customs related to genealogy (mostly of southern Croatia).
domazet, man takes woman's surname
illegitimate children in genealogy
inheritance customs
naming conventions, in Croatia
social customs which can lead to proper ID

accommodations, finding, in Croatia
ATMs, using, in Croatia
Cyber cafes in Croatia
Don't call it Yugoslavia!
drinking the water
driving in Croatia
encouragement to visit your family
gifts, taking, to family in Croatia when visiting
"hurry up" attitude in Croatia
information, telephone (Directory Assistance)
Is Croatia safe to travel in?
parking in Croatia
pay phones, using, in Croatia
phoning home from Croatia
telephone, using the, in Croatia
visiting family in Croatia
when to visit Croatia