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Serb World USA magazine, out of Tucson, Arizona, has some truly wonderful articles that should be of interest to Croatian historians and genealogists. (Back issues are $7 each.) For example:

"Life in Old Dalmatia" by K. Menger, P. Tartaglia, F. Freiherrn von Gondola, H. von Guttenberg, and F. Zikmundowsky (1892), translated from German by George Kosich. Sept/Oct 2005.

"The Pearl of the Old Military Frontier: Plitvice Lakes" by Dragutin Hirc (1902), translated from German by George Kosich. Jan/Feb 2006.

"Map: Plitvice Lakes" drawn by Philip D. Hart. Jan/Feb 2006.

"The Military Frontier: 1814—Customs in the Karlovac District"  by Johann Christian von Engel (1814), translated from German by George Kosich. Jan/Feb 2006.

"Ana’s 1910 Travel Book: Crossing the Atlantic" from the Ana Vidakovich Collection, translation by Serb World U.S.A. March/April 2006. A diary and comments on the process of immigrating from the Balkans to the States before WWI.

"The Great Schism: The Division of the Churches in 1054" by Philip D. Hart. March/April 2006.

"The Great Immigration" by Philip D. Hart. Sep/Oct 2001.

"Through Lika-Krbava--An 1899 tour of the old military frontier lands" by E. Kramberger and M. Orlic', translated from the original German. Mar/Apr 2001.

Many of these articles were written back in the 1800s and translated from the original German or Serbian. Lots of material on the Croatian "military frontier," the way of life in Hercegovina, Montenegro, and Bosnia (all places where many Croatians came from), good recipes, etc. This is a high-quality magazine with good lay-out, good writing, and excellent editing. Also, wonderful old photos and drawings. Anyone serious about collecting information on Croatian history for their descendants must get at least some of these articles. In particular, the old, translated articles are real treasures.

Their home page is here:

From the home page you will see where to find a list of articles in back issues and how to order. Unfortunately, they are 6-8 months behind in this listing. Also, they apparently have no email address, so the only way to communicate with them is by mail. There is no indication on their website of how much it costs for international shipping; if you want shipment outside of the US or Canada, you will have to write to them to find out the costs.