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Purpose: This site is for English-speaking people who have an interest in Croatia -- and especially for people of Croatian descent who were born into other cultures and who are now trying to learn more about their ethnic roots. The focus is primarily genealogy, but there is also some information on customs, and encouragement to visit the homeland. ENTER MENU HERE.
See this new site which specializes in diaspora from the Dubrovnik area, and is run by a nonprofit organization based in Dubrovnik. The Surnames page gives an almost complete list of the surnames around Dubrovnik (over 3900 surnames). The Photos page points to a collection of over 1500 photos of Dubrovnik area diaspora. The site can be found at

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Book on Croatian national dress (nošnje). A review + lots of photos from different regions of Croatia.
Croatian Immigrant History Project
If your family comes from near Dubrovnik, please participate in this special project.
Professional genealogy services
specializing in Croatia.
Forgotten faces. If you have some connection to Watsonville, CA, please help identify these photos.
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All surnames of Konavle. A rare, complete list from the southern tip of Croatia.
Croatians were Austrians??!!
How Croatian money got its name.