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Photos of Croatians taken in the U.S. #2 [41 photos].

This group of photos was scanned in California and around Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 2002-2009 as part of the Croatian Immigrant History Project. To find out more about any of these photos (exact source, others that are similar, how to get good copies, etc), see here.

The village names given below are all in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, Croatia -- most on this page are from the region of Konavle. Also, some are from the island of Brac". If you need help finding any village on a map, see here. And if you still have trouble, contact this website.

Most identifying information on this page comes from the generosity of Niko Kapetanic' of Konavle who has spent over 20 years compiling such data. Such information is provided for genealogists because it must be known in order to find the original church documents (for family trees, family history, etc).

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People in photos are named left to right unless specified otherwise.
* = birth; + = death. Information shown in [brackets], below, contains words for the search engines to find.

alaga-jano alaga-jano.tif Lewis Jano (*1906 Watsonville; +1979 CA; father Peter Jano; mother Nike Alaga); John Alaga (*1889 Bani, Croatia; +1961 Watsonville; father: Niko; mother: Stane Pus"ic'). Photo from Aromas, CA. [original: D'ano] [Pusich]
arbanas-mitch arbanas-mitch.tif Around 1918 in Watsonville. Miho "Mitchell" Arbanasin (*1879 Ljuta, Croatia; +1954 Monterey Co.; father: Toma-Teodor Tiric', orphan; mother: Rade of Mato Arbanasin; wife: Anna of Niko Strujic' of Lovorno, Croatia) and son Thomas (1907-1931 CA). Photo from Konavle, Croatia. [Arbanas, Strujich]
balich-andro balich-andro.tif Andro Balich (*1875 Lovorno, Croatia; +1953 CA; father: Antun; mother: Nike Kapetanic'; married: Emily Rasmussen in 1900 in Watsonville; no children). Photo from Watsonville. This same photo is in a display ad for Balich's Liquor Store, 170 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, in the 1912-13 City Directory for the Santa Cruz area. [Balic, Capetanich, Capitanich, Kapetanich]
balich-bros balich-bros.tif Balich brothers; father: Antun; mother: Nike Kapetanic' Balich. Antun (*1885 Lovorno, Croatia; +1973 CA), Andro (*1875 Lovorno; +1953 CA), Luka (*1881 Lovorno; +1902 Wats). Photographed through glass. Photo from Watsonville. [Capetanich, Capitanich, Kapetanich]
balovich-nick-1852 balovich-nick-1852.jpg Nick Balovich (*1852 Dol, Brac"; +1903 Calif). Married Kate Velosky in California (she can be seen at bottom of this list). Lived in Watsonville, CA. Photo from descendant. [Baloevic, Balojevic]
balovich balovich.tif On back is written "Anna with Grandpa and Grandma Balovich". Johanna "Anna" Stolich (child; 1914-2003 CA); Johanna Kiely Balovich (~1869-1918) and her husband John Balovich (1856-1925). Photo from descendant. Taken in Watsonville, CA. [Baloevic, Balojevic, Dol, Brac]
benko-lucich benko-lucich.tif Nikola Benko (*14 Sep 1901 Primorje, Croatia) and his mother, Jelena Luc"ic' Benko (*1871 Primorje; +1908 Montana), before they both immigrated around 1903 to Anaconda, Montana. Photo from descendant. [Lucic, Lucich]
benko-marinovich-1 benko-marinovich-1.tif Marriage of Andrew Benko (*1872 Primorje, Croatia; +1949 CA) and Mary Marinovich (*1886 Mikulic'i, Croatia; father: Niko; mother: Kate Kus"elj) in Montana around 1910. Two people on right unknown. Photo from descendant. [Marinovic, Kuselj, Cushey, Mikulici]
desin-antunovich desin-antunovich.tif Niko Desin (*1887 Konavle, Croatia; +1980 CA; mother: Antunovich). Duro Antunovich (*19 Jan. 1887 D'urinic'i, Croatia; +1982 Reno, NV; father: D'uro; mother: Pave). Photo from descendant. [Antunovic, Durinici]
dragovich-antun dragovich-antun.tif Antun "Skender" Dragovich of Watsonville (*1878 Moc"ic'i, Croatia; +1945 CA; father: Luka; mother: Marija of Ivo Vezilic'; wife: Rade Metkovich). No children. Photo from Watsonville, CA. [Dragovic, Mocici, Metkovic]
drpich-mato drpich-mato.tif Martin Drpich (1889-1953) and wife (name was maybe Violet). Photo from Watsonville, CA. [Derpich, Drpic] [Pucisca, Brac]
germ-skochko-cap germ-skochko-cap.tif Around 1911. Kate Germolis Skochko (*1884 CA; +1981 Fresno; father: Lazar; mother: Johanna Majerchek; husband: Tony Skochko; mar: 1902 in Fresno); Tony Skochko (Antun Antunovic'; *1874 Mali Ston; +1931 Sanger, CA; an orphan in the house of Ivo Skoc"ko in Ljuta, Croatia), Lucy Germolis Capitanich (*1889 CA; +1913 Wats; same parents as Kate, her sister, above; mar: Martin Capitanich); Martin J. Capitanich (Mato Milovic'; *1887 Dubrovnik; +1942 Watsonville; an orphan in the house of Kapetanic' of Lovorno, Croatia). TJS on door of car = Tony John Skochko. The Skochkos lived in Sanger. Photo from descendant. [Skocko]
germolis-mabel germolis-mabel.tif Mabel Germolis Gurash (1887-1965 CA; father: Lazarus Germolis; mother: Johanna Majerchek; mar: Antone Gurash). Photo from descendant. [Grmojez]
germolis-matson germolis-matson.tif Ann Germolis Matson (1876-1907 CA; father: Lazar Germolis; mother: Johanna Majerchek; husband: Marko "Mike" Matson), and probably her oldest child, Louis (1900-1963 CA). Photo from descendant. [orig: Grmoljez of Mrcine; Macan of Gruda]
germolis-sibs germolis-sibs.tif 1953. Children of Lazarus Germolis and Johanna Majercheck. Mary Skocko (1872-1965), Mitchel Germolis (1879-1961), Paul Germolis (1878-1954), Kate Skochko (1884-1981), Liz Runjevac (1873-1967), Nick Germolis (1883?-1981), Mabel Gurash (1887-1965). Photo from descendant. [Grmoljez of Mrcine]
gurash-antone gurash-antone.tif Antone Gurash (*1878 as Antun Artic' in Dubrovnik; an orphan in the house of Niko D"uras" of Mrcine; +1937 CA). Married Mabel Germolis in CA. Photo from descendant. [Duras, Jurash, Grmoljez]
gurash-germolis gurash-germolis.tif John Gurash, restaurant owner in Oakland, not married (*1877 Mrcine; father: Ivo; mother: Luce D'uras"). Lucy Germolis Capitanich (1889-1913 CA; father: Lazar Germolis; mother: Johanna Majerchek; husband: Martin Capitanich), Mabel Germolis Gurash (1886-1965 CA; same parents as Lucy; husband: Antun Gurash). Lucy and Mabel were sisters. Photo from descendant. [Duras, Jurash, Grmoljez]
kralj-alaga-wed kralj-alaga-wed.tif Vlaho "Charlie" Kralj (*21 Dec. 1895 Dunave, Croatia; +1997 Watsonville; father Niko; mother: Paula of Boz"o Grmoljez) and Anna Alaga Kralj (1910-1980 Watsonville; father: Luka "Vuko" Alaga; mother: Luce of Pero Vlahutin of Gabrile, Croatia). Photo from Watsonville. [Germolis]
kulish-bros-2 kulish-bros-2.tif Sons of Mato Kulish: John (1902-1989), Nick (1906-1950), Baldo (1911-1930, George (1913-2000). Mother of John and Nick was Nike Lale; mother of Baldo and George was Ana Pec"ar. All born in S. Dakota except Baldo was born in Calif. Photo from Mrcine, Konavle, Croatia. [Kulis", Pecar]
lettunich-wed-1 lettunich-wed-1.tif Rose Farlin Lettunich (*1875 Eureka, CA; +1900 Watsonville; father: Louis; mother: Teresa Kinkela) and Mateo Lettunich (*1857 Mihanic'i; +1938 Watsonville; father: Niko; mother: Ana of Vlaho S"kipa). Married around 1893-94 in Eureka, California. Photo from descendant. [Letunic, Mihanici, Skipa]
majerchek-j majerchek-j.tif Johanna Majerchek Germolis Radonich (*1851; +1923 Amador Co. CA), wife of Lazarus Germolis and Martin Radonich. Photo from descendant. [Grmoljez, Mrcine, Radonic]
marin-3kids-mt marin-3kids-MT.tif 3 children of John Marinovich of Butte, Montana. The boy is probably Peter. John was born Ivo Marinovic', 1883 in Mikulic'i, son of Pero). Photo from Croatia. [Mikulici]
matiasevich-bakich matiasevich-bakich.tif Mitchell Bakich (*Miho; 1895 C"ilipi; +1968 Watsonville; father: Pero; mother: Nike of Antun Skuric'-Grc"ic'), Pete Matiasevich (*1895 Popovic'i; +1976 Watsonville; father: Cvijeto; mother: Luce of Niko Butijer of Drvenik). Photo from descendant of Pete. [Bakic, Skuric, Scurich, Matijasevic, Popovici]
miladin-svago miladin-svago.tif Ivo Miladin (*1885-1941 Bani, Croatia; father Pero; mother: Nike of Mato Opus"ic; was in Watsonville in 1911) and Pavo S"vago (1873-1939 Vodovad'a; father Miho; mother: Stane of Ivo Trojanovic'). Photo from Croatia. [Opusich, Opusic, Svago]
milicich-sis milicich-sis.tif Sisters Ella (1909-1984 CA) and Mary (1907-1983 CA) Milicich of Oakland, CA. Mother was Sambrailo. They did not marry. Photo from relative in Watsonville. [Milicic]
obad obad.tif On left is Miho Obad (*1892 Pridvorje, Croatia; +1972 CA; father: Stjepan; mother: Kate of Vido Miloglav). He was nephew of Stella Miloglav Sambrailo of Watsonville. Man on right also maybe Obad. From postcard sent in 1914 from Tracy, CA, to Watsonville, CA. Photo from relative in Watsonville, CA.
pecharevich-jelex pecharevich-jelex.tif Helen Pecharevich (1891-1985; 2nd wife of Pete Stolich; father: Mato or Martin; mother: Anna Pulisevich; listed as Elenor in some places). Photo from Watsonville, CA. [Pec"arevic', Pecarevic, Puljes"evic', Puljesevic]
pecharevich-marinx pecharevich-marinx.tif Martin Pecharevich (1871-1938; lived in Fresno, CA). His daughters married Pete Stolich (Elenor/Helen) and Pete Resetar (Anna) in Watsonville. Original photo is with family in Watsonville. Photographed through glass. [Pec"arevic', Pecarevic, Puljes"evic', Puljesevic]
perovich-wed perovich-wed.tif Photo of a painting. Luce Gluhan Perovich (*1887 Uskoplje; +1961 CA; father: Mato; mother: Marija Arbanasin) and Miho Perovich (*1874 Mrcine; +1944 CA; father: Niko; mother: Magda Kulis"). Married in Watsonville. Photo from relative in Watsonville, CA. [Perovic, Kulish]
pierovich-andrew pierovich-andrew.tif 1919. Andrew Pierovich (1895-1946 CA), son of Andro Pierovich and Katherine Glavich. Was a judge and a state senator. Photo from Salinas, CA. [Pjerovic, Fiorovic, Fiorovich]
pierovich-andro pierovich-andro.tif Taken in Jackson, CA, around 1884. Andro Pierovich (*27 Jan 1850 Vodovad'a; +1919 Jackson; father: Ivo; mother: Ana Fiorovic'). Photo from relative. [Pjerovic, Fiorovich, Vodovada, Vodovadja]
pierovich-annie pierovich-annie.tif 1897. Annie Pierovich (1885-1969 CA); father: Andro Pierovich; mother: Josephine Simcich; married Christopher Jerome Kristovich in 1908 in Jackson, CA. Photo from relative. [Pjerovic, Fiorovich, Fiorovic]
pierovich-drobac pierovich-drobac.tif Stane Drobac Pierovich (*1879 Komaji, Croatia; +1969 CA; father: Niko; mother: Marija Drobac) and Pavo Pierovich (Pjerovic'; *1861 Vodovadja; +1934 Watsonville; father: Vlaho; mother: Nike of Pavo Paljetak of Gruda). Photo from descendant.
pierovich-pavo pierovich-pavo.tif Pavo Pierovich (*1861 Vodovadja; + 1934 Watsonville; father: Vlaho; mother: Nike of Pavo Paljetak of Gruda). Photo from descendant. [Pjerovic]
sambrailo-peter sambrailo-peter.tif Pero "Peter" Sambrailo (*1852 Zastolje, Croatia; +1921 Watsonville; father: Vlaho; mother: Ana of Tomo Korac' of Gruda; wife: Stane of Vido Miloglav). Photo from descendant in Watsonville, CA. [Korach]
saveria-frank saveria-frank.tif Frank Saveria (*1862 Blato, Korc"ula; +1941 Watsonville; * Frano-Ksaver Flemma; orphan adopted by Jozovic' family in Duba, Konavle, Croatia). Photographer: A.W Fell, 3rd St, Watsonville. Photo from Croatia. [Jozovich]
scurich-luke-wed scurich-luke-wed.tif Luke Scurich (*1864 C"ilipi; +1932 Watsonville; father: Antun; mother: Ana of Stjepo Stolic') and Maria Vlahutin Scurich (*1865 Gabrile; +1949 Watsonville; father: Mato; mother: Marija Vukota). Wedding was in SF in 1893. Photo from descendant in Watsonville, CA. [Cilipi, Skuric, Stolich]
secondo-jerinich-wed secondo-jerinich-wed.tif 1914 Watsonville, CA. Louis Secondo (*Luka Sekondo, 1882 Lovorno; +1930 CA; father: Mato; mother: Mare of Ivo Radin); unknown woman in back; brother Joe Secondo (*Josip Sekondo, 1877 Lovorno; +1967 CA; same parents as Louis), Marie Jerinich Secondo (*1894 Radovc"ic'i; +1982 in Watsonville; father: Antun; mother: Nike D'urin). Photo from Watsonville, CA. [Radovcici, Jerinic]
selak-fam selak-fam.tif Miho "Mitchell" Selak (sitting; *1879 Jasenice, Konavle, Croatia; +1945 CA; father: Ivo; mother: Marija of Ivo Miljanic' of Uskoplje; 2nd wife of Ivo); his wife Pave Basor Selak (*1889 Cro; +1964 CA; mother maybe Perak), his son John (1912-1996 CA). Man standing is probably brother Niko Selak (1881-1963 Jasenice; same parents as Miho). Photo from Watsonville, CA.
stolich-balovich stolich-balovich.tif Nick Stolich (*1882 C"ilipi; +1966 CA; father: Pero; mother: Kate Stolic' Stolic') and his wife Catherine Balovich (*~1890 New Zealand (?); +1918 Watsonville). Balovich were from Brac", [originally Baloevic']. Photo from descendant. [Stolic, Cilipi]
vekosky-balovich-kate vekosky-balovich-kate.jpg Kate Velosky Balovich (*1861 Germany). Married Nick Balovich in California. Lived in Watsonville, CA. [Baloevic, Brac"]
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