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Index of photo collections.

All the above photos have surnames given. Many also have vital information (birth/marriage/death), village name, and father's name.

About these collections.
These photos are shown here for the sole purpose of helping people find their roots and their relatives. (**See about search engines, below.)

More than 2000 photos have been collected so far; these are just a few. Others will follow. To find out more about any of these photos (exact source, others of the same families, how to get good copies, etc), please contact this website. If your comment or query involves a particular photo, be sure to mention the file name.

We also have many other surnames than the ones posted here. If you are interested in any surname from the region around Dubrovnik, please ask.

We charge very little for copies -- just enough to pay expenses -- and information is free. All of these photos were scanned with good equipment using high resolution and tif formating. The average size of an original scan is 3-4 Mb with dpi from 200 to 1200, depending on size and clarity of original photo.

If you have a photo you would like to see here, please email us for instructions. We do not collect original photos. We believe original photos should always stay with the family.

People in photos are named left to right unless specified otherwise.

Village of origin is given when known. Most are in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, Croatia. If you need help finding any village on a map, see here. And if you still have trouble, then contact this website.

Most identifying information (birth/death/village/father's name) comes from the generosity of Niko Kapetanic' of Konavle who has spent over 25 years compiling such data. Such information is provided for genealogists because the original village must be known to find the church documents (for family trees, family history, etc). All vital records (birth/marriage/death) prior to WWII are in the churches.

**Google and other search engines have made it easy lately to search for images as well as text; this webpage takes advantage of this service. Information shown in [brackets] contains words for the search engines to find.

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