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(A pronunciation and spelling guide can be found here.)


These web pages use the common Western Latin 1 character set (ISO 8859-1). That is because this website is mostly for people whose first language is English and that is the character set such people would be using. But it causes problems when trying to show certain Croatian letters on screen.

So, FOR THIS WEBSITE, here are the rules for the following Croatian letters:

C", c" = C with a small v over it.
C', c' = C with a slanted line over it.
S", s" = S with a small v over it.
Z", z" = Z with a small v over it.
D', d' = D or d with a horizontal line through the vertical stem.

Note: The ["] is a generic quote mark. The ['] is a generic apostrophe. These characters are described here verbally just in case your computer is not showing them in the same way.

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