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Photos of Croatians from Konavle. [43 photos].

This group of photos is mostly from the region of Konavle, the southern-most tip of Croatia. To find out more about any of these photos (exact source, others that are similar, how to get good copies, etc), see here.

The village names given below are all in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, Croatia -- mostly from Konavle. If you need help finding any village on a map, see here. And if you still have trouble, then contact this website.

Most identifying information on this page comes from the generosity of Niko Kapetanic' of Konavle who has spent over 20 years compiling such data. Such information is provided for genealogists because it must be known in order to find the original church documents (for family trees, family history, etc).

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People in photos are named left to right unless specified otherwise.
* = birth; + = death. Information shown in [brackets] below contains words for the search engines to find.

3-women-pop 3-women-Pop.tif Luce Radic' (*1885 in Popovic'i; father: Pero; married Mato Rilovic' of Radovc"ic'i); Luce LUC"ICA Alavija (*1890 in Popovic'i; father: Pero; married: Cvijeto Matijas"evic' of Popovic'i); Rade Bronzan (*1893 in Popovic'i; father: Vlaho; married Andrija Marinovic' of Mikulic'i); photo taken in 1908; photo from Mikulic'i. [Radich, Matiasevich, Matijasevic, Popovici, Radovcici]
alagas alagas.tif Seated is Marija Letunic' Alaga (*1848 Mihanic'i; +1934 Bani; father: Niko; husband Niko), her son Ivan Alaga (*1885 Bani; +1944 Watsonville), her dau. Nike Alaga (D'ano; Jano) (*1886 Bani). Marija was the sister of Matteo Lettunich of Watsonville. Photo from Watsonville. [Bani, Vodovadja, Djano, Dano, Lettunich, Mihanici]
baule-bronzan baule-bronzan.tif Sele Baule Pis"ta, Rade Bronzan Marinovic'; photo from Konavle. [Pista]
becir-mato becir-mato.tif Mato Bec'ir (1834-1901 in Ploc"ice; father: Luka); photographer: F. Ramann, Trieste. Photo from Ploc"ice. [Becir, Plocice]
becir-miho-2 becir-miho-2.tif Dated 1912. Miho Bec'ir ((*1884 Ploc"ice; father: DURAN). Photo from Ploc"ice. [Becir, Plocice]
brailo2 brailo2.tif Father: Vlaho Brailo (1865-1943; father: Stijepo). Mother: Mare Piplica Brailo (1864-1947; father: Antun). Children: Ane Brailo (right, *1901; married Stijepo of Antun Brailo), Kate Brailo (left, *1903; married Luka of Anton Kus"ar in C"ilipi), Stjepo Brailo (*1906), Nike Brailo (top, *1898; married Miho of Niko Marinovich in Watsonville). Photo from Watsonville. [Kusar, Cilipi]
bronzan-ana1 bronzan-ana1.tif Ana Bronzan Metkovic' (1851-1933; father: Niko Bronzan of Popovic'i; husband: D'uro D'URAN Metkovic'). Photo taken in mid-1870s. Photo from Mikulic'i. [Mikulici] [One of the oldest photos in the collection.]
bronzan-baule bronzan-baule.tif Ivo, Rade, Luce Baule Bronzan, Nane (baby), Vlaho Bronzan (father). Photo from Konavle.
capitanich-steve capitanich-steve.tif Steve Capitanich (1886-1963; father: Pero; brother of John Capitanich of Watsonville); his first cousin Luce Kapetanic' who married Marko S"is"a. Steve lived in Oakland. Had one son, Peter. Village is Lovorno. Photo from Watsonville. [Sisa]
deranja deranja.tif Ivo Deranja (*1892 in Gruda; +1926 in CA; father: Pero), his father Pero Deranja (*1857 in Gruda; father: Pavo), unknown woman. Photo from Salinas, CA. [Derania, Derenia]
drobac-duro drobac-duro.tif D'uro Drobac (*1881 in Komaji; father: Niko). His wife is Ana Dragovic' (*1897 in Moc"ici; father: Antun), son is Niko (*1920 in Komaji), mother is Marija Drobac Drobac (*1858 in Komaji; father: Niko). D'uro was the brother of Mato Drobac of Watsonville. Photo from Santa Cruz, CA. [Mocici]
duras-niko duras-niko.tif Niko D'uras" (1834-1923 Popovic'i; father: Antun; wife: Stane Klaic'). Photo from Watsonville. [Duras, Gurash, Jurash, Popovici, Claich]
franich4 franich4.tif The Franich family of C"ilipi. This family has died out in C"ilipi and now exists only in the Watsonville area. Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
glavic-luka glavic-luka.tif Luka Glavic' (1840-1917 Gruda; father: Ivo). Father of 5 Glavich sisters in CA. Photo from Watsonville.
gruda-pc gruda-pc.tif Postcard of Gruda. House of Bratos". From Watsonville.
klaic-glavic klaic-glavic.tif Marija Klaic' (*1884 in Popovic'i; father: Luka) and her mother, Luce Glavic' Klaic' (*1849 in Gruda; father: Ivo); Marija married Pete Bis"ko, lived in LA, and had an adopted daughter; Marija is sister of Kate Klaic' Metkovich who married John Metkovich of Los Angeles. [Claich, Bisko]
klaic_house klaic_house.tif Klaic' house in Popovic'i. Photo from Konavle. [Claich, Popovici]
konsuo-grp konsuo-grp.tif Sitting is Mare Konsuo (Strazicich) of Dubrovnik. Others are (l. to r.) Made Gucardo, Petar Kunic"ic', Margarita Rems, Vicko Svilokos. Dated 29 May, 1890. Photo from Watsonville. [Kunicic]
korac-luka korac-luka.tif Luka Korac' (*1887 in Gruda; father: Niko), his wife Stane Grmoljez (*1894 in Mrcine; father: Petar), his son Niko (1915-1921), his mother Nike Gled'-Fjorovic' (*1855 in Gunjina; father: Andro) and his sister Pave (*1889 in Gruda). Photo from Watsonville. [Korach, Germolis, Glage, Pierovich]
korotaj-fam2 korotaj-fam2.tif Mirko Korotaj and family in 1907. Mirko and his wife, Karle Rems (both seated). Children (l. to r.): Anka (Strazicich), Dragica (Krilanovic'), Slavka (Abjanic'), Keti (not married). Upper middle is "Tete Marge", probably sister of Karle. Photo from Watsonville.
kuselj-car-nike kuselj-car-nike.tif Nike Kus"elj-Car (*1891 in Mikulic'i; father: Pero) and her brother Pero (1898-1935). Car is the nickname for this branch of the family. Photo dated 12 Nov. 1916. Photo from Santa Cruz, CA. [Kuselj, Cushey, Kusely, Mikulici]
ljubenko-ciro Ljubenko-Ciro.tif Mato C'IRO Ljubenko (1837-1931 in D'urinic'i; father: Kristo); photo from Clovis, Calif. [Lubenko, Durinici]
matiasevic-cvj-luce matiasevic-cvj-luce.tif Cvijeto Matijas"evic' (*1856 Popovic'i; father: Mato) and wife Luce Butijer (*1857 Drvenik; +1920 Popovic'i; father: Niko; mother: Kostopec"). Parents of Nick, Louis, Peter, and Ann Matiasevich who immigrated to Watsonville. Photo from Watsonville. [Popovici]
memed-fam memed-fam.tif Stane D'ukan Memed (*1912 in Mihanic'i; father: Pero), Kristo Memed (*1938 in Ploc"ice), Pero Memed (*1899 in Ploc"ice; father: Kristo). Photo from Mikulic'i. [Dukan, Plocice, Mikulici]
memed-stane-2 memed-stane-2.tif Stane Memed Bec'ir (wife of DURAN). Boy not known. Photo from Ploc"ice. [Becir, Plocice]
metk-cvijeto metk-cvijeto.tif Cvijeto Metkovic' (1812-1897; father: D'uro). Photo taken around 1874. This is a painting done from the photo. Painting at Mikulic'i. [Mikulici] [This is the earliest-born person in all the photos and one of the oldest photos.]
metk-perat-jagic metk-perat-jagic.tif Stane Jagic' Metkovic' (*1883 in Mrcine; +1959 in Molunat; father: Pero Jagic'), Pero (Perat) Metkovic' (1866-1942 in Mikulic'i; father: Niko SPRA). Photo from New York. [Dubravka, Mikulici]
mortizia-sambrailo mortizia-sambrailo.tif Helen Sambrailo Mortizia (*1893 Zastolje; father Luka) and her husband, Nick Mortizia (*1873 Ljuta; father Niko). Photo taken in Dubrovnik. They married in Gruda 28 Nov. 1910. Photo from Cupertino, CA.
novakovich-oval novakovich-oval.tif Ivo Novakovic' (1830-1915 C"ilipi; father: Mato; wife: Pave of Miho Diklic'). This was the father of Antun and D'uro Novacovich of Watsonville. Photo from Carl Yarosz of Danville, son of Ann Novakovich Yarosz. Buildings in the background were identified in 2004 by Pero Novakovic' of C"ilipi as part of his house. [Cilipi; Yarosh]
pc-klaic-banac-radic pc-klaic-banac-radic.tif Miho Mis"ko Klaic' (*1824), Pero Banac (*1822; father: D'uro), Andro Radic' (*1822), all of Popovic'i; original photo taken in 1861. Postcard was made in the 1930s. Postcard is from Popovic'i. [Popovici]
perich-mato-ana perich-mato-ana.tif Mato Kus"elj-Peric' (*1883 in Mikulic'i; father: Pero) and his sister, Ana (*1888 in Mikulic'i; father: Pero; married Mato Luc"ic' of Brotnice). They lived in Butte, MT, and then moved to Idaho. Photo from g-dau. of Ana. [Kuselj, Kusely, Cushey, Mikulici]
piplica piplica.tif Luka (Lukis"a) Piplica (1853-1931 in Moc"ic'i; father: Antun) and his daughters (l. to r.): Ane (Brautovic') (*1894), Mare (D'urovic') (*1897), Stane (*1896; not married). Photo from Watsonville. [Mocici, Durovic, Jurovich, Gurovich]
prlenda-gajan-fam prlenda-gajan-fam.tif On right is Gaspar GAJAN Prlenda (*1854 Poljice; father: Pavo); wife: Marija Paljetak (1851-1932 Poljice; father: Luka); daughter Kate (*1890 Poljice; +1950) married Frank Marich maybe of Z"upa. Photo from g-g-dau. [Perlenda, Perlando, Perlendo, Paletak]
rems rems.tif Katarina Matovic' Rems (1836-1902; maybe Markovic'; married Ivan Rems). Mother of Karla Rems who is the mother of Anka Korotaj. Photo from Watsonville.
resetar-antun2 resetar-antun2.tif Antun Res"etar (1842-1921 C"ilipi; father Antun), father of 4 brothers who went to Watsonville. His wife was Marija Vezilic' (1853-1901 C"ilipi; father Antun). Photo from Watsonville. [Resetar, Cilipi]
rilovic1 rilovic1.tif Mato Matov Rilovic' (*1872 Radovc"ic'i) and Nike Iva Brajevic' (*1888 Mikulic'i). They married in 1909. Photo from Ploc"ice. [Radovcici, Mikulici]
scurich-old-folks1 scurich-old-folks1.tif Parents of Scurich clan in Watsonville: Antun Skuric' (1837-1924 in C"ilipi; father: Luka) and Ane Stolic' Skuric' (1841-1914 in C"ilipi; father: Stjepo). Eight of their 11 children immigrated to Watsonville. Ane's sister Kate married a Stolic' and was the mother of many of the Stolichs who came to Watsonville. Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
sekulic-opc-05 sekulic-opc-05.tif Lucija Klaic', married Sekulic'. From Pulic' photos in Konavle opc'ina. [Claich]
skvrce-sablic skvrce-sablic.tif Marie Sablic' Skuce (*1886 in Ploc"ice; +1938 in Oakland; father: Mato) and D'uro Skvrce (George Skuce) (1882-1952 in Ploc"ice; father: D'uro), probably on their wedding day which was 9 Feb. 1907 in Tivat, Montenegro. Photo from Sanger, CA. [Plocice] [These are the parents of many Croatian Skuce's in California.]
vusic-3 vusic-3.tif Luce Vus"ic' (*1896 in Ploc"ice; father: D'uro; married Andro Kus"elj-Car), Vlaho Vus"ic' (*1899 in Ploc"ice; father: D'uro; didn't marry), Nike Vus"ic' (*1898 in Ploc"ice; father: Niko; married Boz"o Sablic'); photo from Mikulic'i; Luce and Vlaho are brother and sister; Nike is a cousin. [Vusich, Kuselj, Kusely, Cushey, Plocice]
zglav-bratos zglav-bratos.tif Mare Bratos" Zglav (*1866 in Gruda; +1925 in Poljice; father: Cvijeto; husband: Mato Zglav), mother of Stane and Pave. Photo from Poljice. Her husband, Mato, made 5 trips to California. [Sglav]
zglav-klican zglav-klican.tif D'uro Klic"an (*1891 in Poljice; father: Marko), Stane Zglav (*1903 in Poljice; father: Mato) who became his wife; Pave Zglav (*1899 in Poljice; father: Mato) who became wife of Marko Paljetak (next to her; *1895 in Poljice; father: Luka); Kate Paljetak (*1903 in Poljice; father: Luka; sister of Marko). Stane and Pave were sisters. Photo from Poljice. [Klican, Sglav]
zore zore.tif Luce Diklic' (*1898 in Moc"ic'i; father: Luka). Pero Zore (*1879 in Popovic'i; father: Ivo). Married in 1922. Photo from Popovic'i. [Mocici]
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