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Photos of Croatians taken in the U.S. #1 [86 photos].

This group of photos was scanned in California and around Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 2000-2004 as part of the Croatian Immigrant History Project. To find out more about any of these photos (exact source, others that are similar, how to get good copies, etc), see here.

The village names given below are all in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, Croatia -- most on this page are from the region of Konavle. If you need help finding any village on a map, see here. And if you still have trouble, contact this website.

Most identifying information on this page comes from the generosity of Niko Kapetanic' of Konavle who has spent over 20 years compiling such data. Such information is provided for genealogists because it must be known in order to find the original church documents (for family trees, family history, etc).

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People in photos are named left to right unless specified otherwise.
* = birth; + = death. Information shown in [brackets] below contains words for the search engines to find.

alaga-farlin alaga-farlin.tif Pavo Alaga (*1877 Bani; +1957 Wats; father: Niko; mother: Mare Letunic') and Frank Farlin (*1880 probably in Humboldt Co; didn't marry; original maybe Farlan). Photo from Watsonville.
alaga-packing alaga-packing.tif Alaga packing shed on Walker St, just south of W. Beach in Watsonville, CA. Destroyed by fire in 1927(?). Photo from Watsonville.
alaga-paul-nick alaga-paul-nick.tif Pavo Alaga (1877-1957) and Niko Alaga (1874-1935), brothers; father: Niko; mother: Mare Letunic'; village: Bani. Photo from Watsonville. [Vodovadja, Lettunich]
alaga-pusich-jano alaga-pusich-jano.tif Paul Alaga (1877-1957; father: Niko); Blas Pusich (Vlaho Pus"ic') (*1867; father: Ivo; 2nd husband of Luce Alaga); Peter Jano (D'ano) (*1880 Mrcine; father: Luka; wife: Nike Alaga Jano). Photo from Watsonville. [Villages: Bani, Vodovadja, Mrcine, Dubravka]
antunovic-metk-wed antunovic-metk-wed.tif Wedding of Stella Metkovic' Antunovich (*1894; +1990 in Reno, NV) and D'uro Antunovich (*1887 in D'urinic'i; +1982 in Reno, NV; father: D'uro), man standing unknown, Mary Ann (Marion) Antunovich (1906-1991; dau. of Mare), Mare Metkovic' Antunovich (1877-1940; father: Kristo KRILE; step-sister of Stella).The wedding was in Reno, Nevada. [Durinici, Mikulici]
balich-paulina balich-paulina.tif Paulina Balich of San Francisco. Little is known about her. Parents unknown. If you have info, please contact this website. Photo from Watsonville. Balic' were from Ljuta in Konavle.
bokarica-deranja bokarica-deranja.tif Pero Bokarica, brother of Luka (1874-1911 in Gruda; father: Luka). He returned to Croatia, didn't marry. Pero "Peko" Deranja (*1875 in Gruda; father: Pero), brother of Luce Deranja. They both lived in Plymouth, CA. Photo from Watsonville.
budman-duro budman-duro.tif D'uro Budman (1882-1958 in Ploc"ice; father: Ivo). He lived in U.S. from around 1900 to 1929. He married Florence LeGrand (1898-1928) in California but had no children; he returned to Ploc"ice in 1929 and married Jelena Peko. They had 3 sons. [Plocice]
chetkovich2 chetkovich2.tif Marko Cvjetkovic' of Radovc"ic'i (*1888; +1922 Watsonville); his nephew, Mike Chetkovich (*1916 in Angels Camp, CA; father: Niko; mother: Ana Metkovic'); and Mike's other uncle, D'uro JARIC' Metkovic' (*1889-1944 of Mikulic'i); photo from Watsonville. Mike Chetkovich was a Regent of the Univ. of Calif. [Radovcici] [original of Chetkovich was Cvjetkovic']
cikuth-louis cikuth-louis.tif Louis P. Cikuth (*1873 in Mihanic'i; father: Pero) and Catherine Scurich (*1885 in C"ilipi; father: Antun), wedding (6 Dec 1903). Photo from Watsonville. [Mihanici, Cilipi; original name: Cikut, Skuric']
cordich-mladin cordich-mladin.tif Miho Cordich (Kordic'; *1871 Gabrili; father: Ivo); his wife Anna Sambrailo Cordich (*1882 Zastolje; father: Luka); her sister Marija Sambrailo Mladinich (*1883 Zastolje); Marija's husband Mladinich (first name not known). Photo from Cupertino.
deranja-glavic deranja-glavic.tif Kate Glavic' Deranja (*1879 in Gruda; +1955 in Santa Clara, CA; father: Luka), her husband John Deranja (*1863 in Gruda; father: Pavo), John's niece Mare Deranja (*1882 in Gruda; +1970 in San Joaquin Co., CA; father: Pero). Photo taken in 1899. Photo from Salinas. Mare later married Andro Rustan.
desin-antunovich desin-antunovich.tif Niko Desin (*1887). Duro Antunovic. Photo from Sacramento
franich2 franich2.tif Brothers John Franich (*1885 C"ilipi; +1944 Watsonville; father: Mato) and Martin Franich (*1887 C"ilipi; +1972 Watsonville; father Mato) and probably their uncle, Marko Franich (1845-1905; father: Marko). Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
franusich2 franusich2.tif Franusich family, San Francisco. Sons: Martin (left; married, no kids), John (center; no kids), Tony (right; married, had kids). Young woman is Mary Rase (Ras"e, niece of Lucy; *1889 in Zvekovica; father: Pero). She later married John Sapro (S"apro) in Watsonville. Wife is Lucy Vlahutin Franusich (*1859 in Gabrili; father: Mato). Father's first name not known. Franus"ic' is from near Ston, Croatia. Photo from Watsonville.
gera-fam gera-fam.tif Mato Gera (*1872 in Gromac"a; +1945 in Watsonville; father: D'uro Gherra; mother: Anna Majkovica). Wife is Mare Koprivica (*1869 in Radovc"ic'i; +1951 in Watsonville; father: Pero). Son is George (*1910 in Watsonville; +1961; married Lucy Ojeda). Daughters are Lucy (married Chris Zarich), Mare "Mamie" (married Lucich), Anna (married twice). Photo from Watsonville. [Gromaca, Radovcici]
germolis-magud germolis-magud.tif Paul Germolis, Martin Magud (*1878 in Gruda; father: Mato; returned to Croatia). Photo from Aromas CA. [original: Grmoljez of Mrcine]
glavanich4 glavanich4.tif Written on back is "Lena Glavanich"; photographer: Geo. McMillan, Jackson, Cal.; photo from Watsonville. Rado Glavenich and Lena Williams Glavenich (*1875 CA; +1946 Amador Co, CA) and 2 of their sons; Luke is probably the older. The original might have been Glavinic'. Origin of this family not known. If you have info, please contact this website.
gluhan-wed gluhan-wed.tif Anton Gluhan (*1871 in Uskoplje) and Anna Scurich (*1880 in C"ilipi), wedding. Anton's parents were Boz"o Gluhan of Uskoplje and Jele Brautovic' of Moc"ic'i. Anna's parents were Antun Skuric' and Ana Stolic', both of C"ilipi. Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi, Mocici]
gurash-stolich-wed gurash-stolich-wed.tif Ane Stolich Gurash (*1885 C"ilipi; +1955 Watsonville; father: Pero) and Peter Gurash (Pero D'uras"; *1872 Popovic'i; +1929 Wats; father: Niko). Photo taken in Watsonville. Their dau. Stella Gurash Zar was an only child. [Duras, Popovici]
jano-alaga2 jano-alaga2.tif Jano family of Watsonville. Louis (1906-1979), Peter (D'ano; *1880 in Mrcine; +1970; father: Luka), Mamie (1907-1919), Nike Alaga Jano (*1886 in Vodovadja; +1974; father: Niko), and Nick (1911-1985). Photo taken around 1913. [Dano]
kalich-mitchell-rose kalich-mitchell-rose.tif Rose Bjele Kalich (*1888 Buic'i, Z"upa; father: Niko) and Mitchell Kalich (Kalac"ic'; *1884 C"ilipi; father: Luka). Mitchell was an Alderman of Watsonville in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Photo from g-daughter. [Cilipi, Zupa, Buici; Biele, Kalacic]
knego-kordich1 knego-kordich1.tif Mary Kordic' Knego (*1872 in Gabrili; father: Vlaho; half sister of Kate Kordich Knego), her husband, Steve (Veliki) Knego. Knego is from S"umet or Brgat. Photo from Watsonville. [Sumet; Cordich]
komaic-peko-ivo komaic-peko-ivo.tif Pero PEKO Komaic' (*1859 in Mikulic'i; father: Ivo) and his son, Ivo (*1888 in Mikulic'i). Photographer: Borgia, San Fernando Street, Los Angeles; photo from Mikulic'i, Croatia. [Mikulici; Comaich]
kuraica-pvha kuraica-PVHA.tif Charlie Lucich on left, cousin of other 2. Paul Kuraica in middle; Vido Kuraica on right. Paul and Vido (William) were brothers. Paul moved to Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. Vido stayed in Watsonville. Origin was in an area south of Dubrovnik called Z"upa. Original with Pajaro Valley Historical Society. [Zupa]
kusanovich-buvinich kusanovich-buvinich.tif Frank Kusanovich (*1878 in Praz"nica, Brac") and Minnie Buvinich (*1888 in Praz"nica, Brac"). Married in Croatia. Came to Watsonville around WWI. [Praznica]
kuselj-bros kuselj-bros.tif Brothers Stijepo Kus"elj-Kukuljica (*1883 in Mikulic'i; +1958 in Los Angeles; father: Pero) and Andrija Kus"elj-Kukuljica (*1885 in Mikulic'i). Name changed to Kusely in California; Kukuljica is the nickname for this branch of the family. Photo from Clovis, Calif.; photo taken in Los Angeles.
lamat-jano lamat-jano.tif Unknown on left, Nick Lamat of LA in middle (*1897 Zastolje; father Niko). Nick Jano on right (1911-1985 CA; father: Pete). The two Nicks are 1st cousins. Photo from Watsonville. [orig: Alamat, D'ano of Mrcine] [Dano]
lasic-pero lasic-pero.tif Pero Lasich (*1869 in Dunave; +1943 in Watsonville; father: Pero). Photo taken in Butte, Montana.
lasic lasic.tif Ivo Lasic' (*1862-1911 in Dunave; father: Pero) and his wife Marija Deranja (*1864 in Gruda; +1909 in Dunave; father: Ivo). Original photo from Plymouth, Calif. The couple was in the US only a few months then returned to Croatia, never to return to US. His nickname was Belic'. They married 15/3/1886 in California.
lasich-braj-wed lasich-braj-wed.tif Pero Lasich (*1868 Dunave; +1943 Santa Cruz Co, CA; father Ivo) and his wife Pauline Braycovich (*1874 Zastolje; +1966 Santa Clara Co, CA; father Pero). [orig: Brajkovic']
lettis-louie lettis-louie.tif Lucien "Louis" Lettis (*1880 Hercegnovi; father Frano). Naturalization papers show: Lucien Frank Lettis, born 25 July 1880 in Castel Novi (Hercegnovi, Montenegro). He entered New York on 29 Dec. 1898 on "Aller" from Genoa under the name Erminio Lettic. His father, Frano, was on famous arctic expedition in late 1870s and was supposedly from Vodosko, near Opatija. Photo from Watsonville. Photo taken around 1964.
lettunich-bros lettunich-bros.tif Lettunich brothers (father: Niko Letunic'): Boz"o (Edward) (*1880 Mihanic'i; +1919 Wats); Peter (Pero) (*1873 Mihanic'i; +1904 Wats) and Mato (Martin N.) (*1864 Mihanic'i). Photo from Watsonville. [Letunic, Mihanici]
lettunich1 lettunich1.tif Louis Lettunich (1897-1957 in Watsonville), father Mateo Lettunich (*1857 in Mihanic'i; +1938 in Watsonville; father: Niko), Nick Lettunich (1896-1958 in Watsonville). Mateo's nickname was Batara. Original surname was Letunic'. Photo from Pajaro Valley Historical Association.
lubenko-srgota lubenko-srgota.tif Mato Lubenko family of Fresno, CA; Vlaho (*1888 in Mikulic'i), father Mato (seated; *1862; father: Mato), mother Ana Srgota Lubenko (*1860 in Mikulic'i; +1947 in Fresno, CA; father: Andro), Martin (seated; *1885 in Mikulic'i), Chris (*1891 in Mikulic'i); photo from Clovis, CA. [orig: Ljubenko; Mikulici]
lubenkomartin LubenkoMartin.tif Martin Lubenko of Plymouth, CA; his father was Kristo (*1867 in D'urinic'i; father: Mato). [orig: Ljubenko; Durinici]
madesko1 madesko1.tif On right is Mitchell Madesko (born Miho Mades"ko in 1891 in Drvenik; father: Mato) and friend. Mitchell was an Alderman in Watsonville in the 1930s. Photo from Pajaro Valley Historical Association.
mantalica-jano mantalica-jano.tif Stane Jano Mantalica (*1878 Mrcine; father Luka), Baldo Jano (*1883 Mrcine; father Luka), George Mantalica. Stane and Baldo are siblings of Pete Jano of Watsonville. George is son of Stane. Lived in Lead City, SD. Photo from Watsonville. [Jano = D'ano; Dano]
marich-bako-prlenda-wed marich-bako-prlenda-wed.tif Wedding of Frank Marich (maybe of Z"upa) & Kate Prlenda (1890-1950); her sister: Mare Bako (*1880); back left is Ivo Prlenda (1888-1957). Kate, Mare and Ivo are siblings (father: Gas"par GAJAN Prlenda of Poljice). [Perlando; Perlendo; Perlenda]
marinovich-john marinovich-john.tif Ivan (John) Marinovich (*1883 in Mikulic'i; father: Pero; moved to Butte, Montana); Photo from Mikulic'i, Croatia. [Mikulici]
marinovich-peter marinovich-peter.tif Peter Blas Marinovich (*1896 in Watsonville; +1953 in Watsonville). He was a medical doctor, and mayor of Watsonville in 1951. Family was from Pridvorje. Photo from Watsonville.
matovich-wed matovich-wed.tif Nicholas Matic"evic' Matovich (1870-1912; father: Michel Matic"evic'; mother: Margaret LULICH). He was born somewhere near Dubrovnik and changed his name to Matovich. He was a baker in San Francisco. Frances Clair Matovich (*1882 Borje, Peljes"ac; +1941) . Photo from Watsonville. Identification by wife of g-gson of couple. Similar photo was found on her website.
matusich-wed matusich-wed.tif George and Katie Matusich. Matusich was from village of Gromac"a. Wife, Katie, was probably from Konavle. Photo from Pajaro Valley Historical Association (Vukasovich estate photos). [Gromaca]
mekis-korac mekis-korac.tif Marko Mekis (*1882 in Poljice; +1961 in Watsonville; father: Andro); wife, Kate Korach (Korac') (*1890 in Gruda; +1971 in Watsonville; father: Niko). April of 1919 in Watsonville. Photo from Santa Cruz.
metk-3krile metk-3krile.tif 3 Metkovic' brothers (family nickname: KRILE; father Kristo). D'uro JARIC' (*1889 in Mikulic'i), Ivo (John) (*1881), Mato Metkovich (*1872); this is a painting made from 3 separate photos; original painting in Inglewood, CA.
metk-barbier metk-barbier.tif Pave (Pauline) Barbier (Dmitras"inovic') (*1899 in Poljice; +1918 in Fresno, CA; father: Mato); Mato (Matan) Metkovich (*1848 in Mikulic'i; +1925 in Fresno, CA; father: Niko); Nike "Nellie" Metkovich (*1901 in Mikulic'i; +1994 in Fresno, CA; married John Slavich). Photo taken in Fresno, CA, around 1913. Photo from Sanger, CA. Pauline was Mato's niece; Nellie was his daughter. [Mikulici; Barbjer; Mitrasinovich]
metk-geo-bbc1 metk-geo-bbc1.tif Professional baseball card of George Metkovich (1920-1995; father: Ivo). He played in the 1946 World Series. Family was from Mikulic'i, Croatia. [Mikulici]
metk-matan metk-matan.tif Back row: Luce Vusich Metkovich (*1860 in Ploc"ice; +1945 in Fresno, CA; father: Ivo); Mato "Matan" Metkovich (*1848 in Mikulic'i; +1925 in Fresno, CA; father: Niko SRPA). Cousin Vicko Metkovic' with gun (*1891 in Mikulic'i; father: Pero). Front row: daughter Nellie Metkovich (*1901 in Mikulic'i; +1994 in Fresno, CA), son John Metkovich (*1892 in Mikulic'i; +1929 in Auberry, CA). Photo from Pero (Perice) Metkovic' of Molunat who could only recognize his father (Vicko). Nellie and John are the children of Mato and Luce. Photo taken in Fresno, CA, around 1911.
metk-niko-perat metk-niko-perat.tif Nick Metkovic' (*1906 in Mikulic'i; +2004 in Dubrovnik; oldest son of Pero PERAT). Photo from Sanger, California. [Mikulici]
miatovich-trojan miatovich-trojan.tif Kate Trojan (*1892 in Mikulic'i; father: Marko), Miho Mihatovic' (Miatovich; *1880 in Gruda; father: Vlaho), and their children in California; photo from Mikulic'i. [Mikulici]
miladin-lett miladin-lett.tif Not sure about these. On left is either:
Pavo Miladin (*1877 in Brotnice; father: Pero) or Pavo Miladin (*1885 in Brotnice; father: D'uro). On right is probably Pero Letunic' (*1882 in Mihanic'i; father: Boz"o).

Photo says: "Paul Miladin on left; _____ Lettunich". Photo from Watsonville.
milat milat.tif On back of photo is written "Ant Milatt". Milat is a common name on the island of Korc"ula. Ant = Antun. Photo from Watsonville. Photo taken in San Francisco. [Korcula]
miljas-bozo miljas-bozo.tif Boz"o Miljas (*1877 Mihanic'i; father Miho), father of Ann Miljas (not married). His wife was Kate Stolic'-Kukara (*1890 C"ilipi; +1915; father Stijepo). Lived in Watsonville. Photo from Watsonville. [Mihanici; Stolich]
miocevich-bros miocevich-bros.tif Mato Mihocevich (*1852 in Pridvorje; father: Pero), Antun Arnulic' Mihocevich (esp. *1848 in Dubrovnik), Miho Mihocevich (*1845 in Pridvorje; father: Pero), D'uro Mihocevich (*1847 in Pridvorje; father: Pero). Photo taken in San Jose around 1873. Photo from Dubrovnik.
nirich nirich.tif The photo says: "Corporal W.P. Nirich". But this is certainly Michael P. Nirich, born in Lead, S. Dakota, 26 March 1890, son of Paul P. and Luce Nirich. Came to Watsonville as a boy in 1895. Was fire chief in Watsonville. His biography (and source of this information) is on page 71 of "History of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties", Vol. 2, 1925. He died in Watsonville 11 Feb. 1944. Photo from Pajaro Valley Historical Association.
perak-rustan perak-rustan.tif On left is unknown woman but if it is the wife of Andro then it is Marija Deranja (*1882 in Gruda; father: Pero), Andro Rustan (*1868 in Lovorno; father: Ivo), Anna Rustan Perak (*1868 in Lovorno; father: Ivo), Miho "Mike" Perak (*1859 in Mrcine; father: Luka). Photo taken in San Francisco. Original is from Manteca, CA. Marriage was in 1898.
perovich-gluhan perovich-gluhan.tif Mato Perovich (*1871 Mrcine; father Niko), Kate Gluhan (*1882 Uskoplje; father Mato); married in San Jose. Mato had a brother, Miho (*1874) of Watsonville who married Kate's sister, Luce (*1887). Photo from Aptos, CA.
pier-sisters pier-sisters.tif Pierovich sisters, all born in Vodovadja; father: Pavo. Back left: Stella Chikato (*1898), Kate Smolich (*1895). Front: Luce Kandich (*1911), Pauline Scurich (*1904), Helen Kovacevich (*1911). Pierovich = Fjorovic' in Croatia. Photo from Watsonville. [Cikato is from Primorje, a region just NW of Dubrovnik]
pierovich-glavich pierovich-glavich.tif Kate Glavich (*1873 in Gruda; father: Luka), Andro Pierovich (*1850; father: Ivo), Annie (*1885 in Jackson; +1969 in Sacramento; daughter of Andro and his first wife, Josephine Simcich, 1866-1890 in Jackson; married Chris Kristovich *1876 in Z"upa, father: Pero). Andro and Kate were married 1 Nov 1891 in Jackson. This photo was taken around that time. All details provided by g-son of Annie in photo. Photo from Watsonville.
pista-wed1 pista-wed1.tif Bride is Marie Glavich (*1884 in Gruda; +1984 in Watsonville; father: Luka): groom is Blas (Vlaho) Pista (*1874 in Ljuta; father: Vuko); upper left is John Pista (1876-1970 in Ljuta; father: Vuko; bro. of groom; returned to Croatia in 1911); Lucy Glavich C'eo (*1880 in Gruda; father: Luka; husband: Miho C'eo), sister of bride. Marie and Lucy also had a sister, Pauline, who married Antone Stolich of Salinas. This wedding was around 24 Apr. 1910. Photo from Watsonville. [Ceo, Cheo]
prlenda-peko prlenda-peko.tif Ana Peko Kusely Perlenda on right (*1887 Ploc"ice; father Antun). 1st husband: Mato Kus"elj-Peric' (*1883 Mikulic'i; father Pero), known as Kusely in the States. 2nd husband: Antun Perlenda (*1884 Poljice; father Ivo Prlenda). Photo taken in Bisbee, AZ. Woman on left maybe Bendis" from Radovc"ic'i. Info from nephew of Ploc"ice. [Kuselj; Plocice; Mikulici; Perich; Radovcici]
pusich-ivo pusich-ivo.tif Ivo Pusich (*LA), son of Vlaho Pusich and Luce Alaga Pusich; baseball scout for the SF Giants. He had a twin sister, Ann. Photo from Watsonville.
rossich rossich.tif Dated 1922. On left is niece (unknown) of older couple who are Frank Rossich and his wife of Viganj, Croatia. G-parents of Ann Cvietkovich Kalich of Watsonville whose husband was Nick L. Kalich Sr.
rustan-fam rustan-fam.tif Children are: Annie Rustan Seegers (1904-2001), John Rustan (1907-1985) and Louise Rustan Borcovich (1902-1991). Adults: mother Mary Deranja Rustan (1882-1970; village: Gruda; father: Pero), her sister Ellen Deranja Obad (1894-1972) and father Andrew Rustan (1861-1952; village: Lovorno; father: Ivo). Photo from Mikulic'i, Croatia; photo taken in Stockton, CA, around 1910. People identified by relative in Salinas, CA.
sapro-wed sapro-wed.tif John (Ivanko) Sapro (*1890 in Zastolje; +1984 in Watsonville; father: Pero) and Mary Ras"e Sapro (*1889 in Zvekovica; +1973 in Watsonville; father: Pero). Her mother was a Vlahutin. Original name was S"apro. Photo from Watsonville. [Rase]
scurich-bros scurich-bros.tif Scurich brothers (father Antun; mother Ane Stolic'): Steve (*1868 in C"ilipi; +1944 in Watsonville), Tony (*1875 in C"ilipi; +1939 Watsonville), Luke (*1864 in C"ilipi; +1932 in Watsonville). Taken in the late 1880s or early 1890s. Original name was Skuric'. Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
sec-mitchell-wed sec-mitchell-wed.tif Pete Secondo (*1890 in Lovorno; +1976 in Watsonville; father: Mato) and brother Mitchell (Miho) Secondo (*1884 in Lovorno; +1946 in Watsonville; father: Mato); bride Kate S"uljak (Suliak) (1892-1979 in San Francisco); her sister Eleanor Shuliak; photo from Watsonville.
skocko-natale skocko-natale.tif Natale Skocko (*1857 in Ljuta; +1916 in Watsonville; father: Pero). His wife was Mare Germolis. Original: Grmoljez and Skoc"ko. Photo from Volcano, California. [Skochko]
srgota-john-fam1 srgota-john-fam1.tif Family of John Sargota (Ivo Srgota) of Fresno, CA. Pauline (1910-1997), mother Francis (Kristovich of Z"upa; 1881-1981), Edward John (1914-1990), father John Sargota (1870-1943; father: Miho), Peter (1913-1973), Mitchell 1909-1997); photo from Fresno, CA.
srsen srsen.tif Peter Sersen, Mary Dabelich Srsen, and daughter Lucille (married Semenza). Photo taken in Watsonville. They lived in Watsonville. Parents both born in Mljet. Original spelling was Srs"en. Peter's mother was Luce Strazicich. Taken around 1928. Photo from Watsonville.
stolich-bros stolich-bros.tif Stolich brothers Pete (*1873 in C"ilipi; father: Pero; he had 3 kids), Nick (*1882 in C"ilipi; he had 2 daughters), and Mike (born Marko; *1868 in C"ilipi; didn't marry). Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
stolich-fam stolich-fam.tif Nick Stolich (*1882 in C"ilipi; father: Pero), Mitchell (Miho) Stolich (*1893 in C"ilipi; +1941 in Watsonville; father: Stijepo), Kate Stolich (*1891 in C"ilipi; father: Stijepo; married Jack Diklich) and Kate Stolich Stolich (*1836 in C"ilipi; +1916 in Watsonville; father: Stijepo). The older Kate is the mother of Nick. She came to Watsonville in 1904 at the age of 68 as a widow. Nick is the uncle of the younger two who are brother and sister. They were orphaned in Croatia. Their father was Stjepo Stolic' (1865-1900) and their mother was Kate Bac"an (1861-1898). Photo from Watsonville. [Cilipi]
straz-boys1 straz-boys1.tif Strazicich brothers, all born in Watsonville. Left: Emile (*1896); top: Nick (*1891); bottom: George (*1892); right: John (*1893). Father: George Strazacich; mother: Mary Konsuo. Nick was probably first Croatian born in Watsonville. Strazicich were from island of Mjlet, Croatia. Photo taken around 1903.
straz-geo-sailor straz-geo-sailor.tif George Strazicich (Straz"ic"ic' from island of Mljet). Father of first Croatian born in Watsonville (see above). Probably taken in the 1880s.
straz-konsuo straz-konsuo.tif Mary Konsuo Strazicich, and sons George, John and Nick Strazicich. Photo taken in Watsonville. (See 2 photos above.)
tutman-fam tutman-fam.tif Baldo(?) Tutman family of Mtn. View, CA. Wife's name was Mare Guljermovich. Kids: Baldo, Jack and Ann. [Guljelmovic']
veselich-semes2 veselich-semes2.tif Martin (Mato) Veselich (*1886 in Pridvorje; +1964 in Los Angeles; father: Pero), his wife Nike S"emes" (*1895 in Lovorno; father: Miho); their sons Peter (oldest), Michael (killed in WWII), Martin (youngest) and daughter Helen. Photo taken around 1929. Photographer: Borgia Studio, 200 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles; photo from Watsonville. Identified by g-son.
vidak-fam vidak-fam.tif Vidak family: Father: Nick (*1882 Gruda; +1941 Wats; father Antun); mother: Jele Pendo (*1892 Zvekovica; father Luka). Lucy (*1921 Monterey Co, CA; married Hunt), Nike "Lena" (*1912 Gruda; married Les Matson), Harry (*1917 SF), Luke (*1915 SF), Tony (*1913 CA; +1983 Sonoma Co, CA; wife Helen). Nick was restauranteer. Lived in SF, Monterey, Prunedale and Watsonville. Taken around 1926.
vlasich-cikut vlasich-cikut.tif Around 17 Dec. 1910. Wedding of Stane Cikut, sister of Louis Cikuth, to Martin Vlasich. Upper left is Catherine Scurich Cikuth, wife of Louis Cikuth. Upper right is Nikola, brother of the groom. The couple lived in Santa Cruz and he is listed as "poultryman" in Polk's Directory of 1930. Stane might have been born with the name Nike. Photo from Watsonville. [original name was Cikut of Mihanic'i] [Mihanici]
vojvoda-fam vojvoda-fam.tif Probably Vojvoda family of Oakland. Mary Vojvoda might be the one on left. Not sure. If you know, please contact us.Photo taken in Oakland. Photo from Pajaro Valley Historical Association (Vukasovich estate photos). Scanned in Oct. 2003.
vukasovich-novak vukasovich-novak.tif Mrs. Anna Novak, Katica Novak Vukasovich, Martin J. Vukasovich, John Vukasovich. Taken in Watsonville. The men are brothers. Photo from Watsonville.
vusich-martin vusich-martin.tif Martin (Mato) Vusich (*1858 in Ploc"ice; +1928 in LA; father: Ivo). Photo from g-son of La Jolla, CA. Original: Vus"ic'. [Plocice]
zar-pete-stella zar-pete-stella.tif Brother and sister, Stella Zar (*1900 Zastolje; +1992 Wats; father Niko; mother Kate Gled'; 1st husband Nick Milich; 2nd husband Luka Celich) and Peter Zar (*1899 Zastolje; +1975 Watsonville). Photo from Watsonville. [orig: Car]
zglav-fams zglav-fams.tif Zglav family: Pavo (*1864 Poljice; father Mato), John, Martin, Mato (*1853 Poljice; father Mato); photo from Poljice. Pavo and Mato were brothers; John and Martin were Pavo's sons, born in California.
zvone-bros zvone-bros.tif Steve Zvone (sitting), Ivo Zvone, brothers. Village: Trnovo, north of Dubrovnik. Photo from Watsonville. Steve was not married; both lived in Watsonville.
zvone-dedo zvone-dedo.tif Mary Zvone Dedo and John Dedo, marriage photo. Had 2 daughters, Helen and Mary; family lived in San Jose area. Zvone family was from Trnovo. Dedo was from the same area. Photo from Watsonville.
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