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To: Robert Jerin's links. Robert is one of the most helpful people in the (small) world of Croatian genealogy. This link (above) takes you to his unique list of links which he updates on a regular basis. We are honored that he keeps it on this website.

The importance of forums.
There are 2 main Croatian genealogy forums and one good mailing list on the Internet.
It can't be over-emphasized how important it is to submit your questions to one of these. Any kind of question you have regarding Croatian genealogy, beginning or advanced, should be submitted. This is very, very important and will save you much time.

Hundreds of people read these forums and mailing list daily. But more importantly, there are 5 or 6 true experts who also read them daily, and are ready and willing to help you at no cost. This is by far the cheapest and most effective way of getting questions answered. Then, if you find you need professional help, see here.

If you are shy about putting your question where all can see, then lurk around these forums for a few days to see who the most helpful people are (there are 3 or 4 people who do most of the answering of questions). Then email to one of those people personally with your private question.

But writing to people privately won't help in one really big way: your question or comment will not be archived for posterity. Much of what goes on the Internet today is being archived and will probably be available 100 years from now. So someone searching for a particular surname or village will be able to find all postings that contain that surname or village name, even ones written many years prior. But only if they have been posted to the Internet -- not if they are in private email.

You really don't have to post to both forums and the mailing list. They are all read daily by the same people. If you want to choose one, perhaps the mailing list is best.

The 2 Croatian genealogy forums:

The Croatian mailing list

The archive for the mailing list can be found here:

Using this archive, you do not have to subscribe to the list to read the postings. You just check in whenever you want. If you check "reverse" at the top of this list, then "redisplay", the next time you check in, the current month will be at the top and you won't need to scroll down. When you click on the current month, you go to a separate list of the messages which have recently been posted. Only the "subject" is shown -- not the entire message. If you are interested in the subject, just click on it to see the entire message. There are 3 choices for how this list can be presented: threaded order, chronological order or reverse chronological order. I use "reverse order" so that all the new messages are at the top and I don't have to scroll down.

However, to post a message you must subscribe to the list. I find that most of those messages do not apply to anything I am interested in and it is annoying to receive them by email (which automatically happens if you subscribe). So, I find that the best way to make use of this list is to NOT be a subscriber, read the messages only through the archive, and when I want to post a message I subscribe, post the message, and then unsubscribe (the whole process takes about 2 minutes). That sure beats the heck out of having to read through dozens of emails about "Croatian witches," "lamb roasts," people getting annoyed because someone called Croatians "dense," etc, etc. But if you post often then the only efficient way is to be a subscriber.

To post a message, you must first "sign in" (click on the "sign in" link at top of page). Once you are signed in, you do not need to repeat this process in the future. Then use the link below to subscribe. You can sign up for CROATIA-L or CROATIA-D. This is the same list, so sign up for one or the other, not both. CROATIA-L comes to you one message at a time; CROATIA-D is the Digest form and lumps the last 3 or 4 messages together.

To post a message (you must sign in and subscribe first) send your message as an email to:


It should take only a few minutes to appear on their website. Then you can unsubscribe, if you want, by clicking on the above link and following the instructions for unsubscribing.

To search the archives, go here:
and type "croatia" where is asks for "Name of List."

Croatian on-line postal code directory in English: For instructions, see here.

Croatian on-line phone directory in English. To learn how to use it, go here.

Other helpful links:

This site offers assistance with Australian "non-British" genealogy: