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Church documents, index

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[For an explanation of church documents, see here.]

Headings, examples of:
Matic"na Knjiga, common style, birth, Dubrovnik area

Entries, examples of handwriting:
Matic"na Knjiga, journal style, birth, Dubrovnik area
Matic"na Knjiga, common style, Dubrovnik area
Stanja Dus"a, Dubrovnik area
Stanja Dus"a, names (1), Dubrovnik area
Stanja Dus"a, names (2), Dubrovnik area

Words and terminology from Matic"ne Knjige, Stanja Dus"a and Stalis" Dus"a:
medical terms (causes of death)
numbers and dates (1)
numbers and dates (2)
first names, Dubrovnik area
glossary of miscellaneous terms (1)
glossary of miscelleaneous terms (2), with some images
Latin terms from Istria