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Medical terms

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Glossary of MEDICAL TERMS as found in Croatian vital records.

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Also see Latin terms from Istria here.

that old medical terms are often quite vague in meaning. Medical science was not well developed and autopsies were almost never done. Also complicating matters are the spelling abilities of the priests, and the various dialects of the languages, as well as the knowledge of the attending physician, if there was one. Without a doctor's directions, the priest would often write down whatever the family told him.

* = misspelled in original.

 word or phrase English meaning language examples
alkoholni alcoholic Croatian
anemic"an anemic Croatian
angina tonsillitis with pus, infection Latin
angina, gnojna tonsillitis, quinsy Croatian
apoplexi stroke Latin
astma asthma Croatian
axfisia suffocation, asphyxia Latin
bjesnoca rabies, madness Croatian
boginje smallpox Croatian
c"ir na z"elucu gastric ulcer Croatian
catarrh intestini intestinal catarrh Latin
ciroza cirrhosis Croatian
convulsio convulsions Latin
crievne katar
today: crijevni katar
intestinal catarrh Croatian
debilitas weakness, infirmity Latin
difterija diphtheria Croatian 1
dizenterija dysentery Croatian
dobrac, dobraca measles Croatian 1
dysenterie dysentery Latin
epatite hepatitis Latin
epedimia epedimic, rapidly spreading disease Latin
febris fever Latin
febris gastric gastric fever Latin
febris maligna fever Latin
febris nervosa fever with nervous system symptoms Latin
febris perniciosa deadly fever Latin
febris vermicolus fever, worms Latin
fluxus flowing, loose – possibly diahorrea Latin
frazi convulsions Croatian
gladovati starvation Croatian
glavobolja headache Croatian 1
today: glista
intestinal worms Croatian 1
gnojna, angina quinsy, tonsillitis Croatian
gonoreja gonorrhea Croatian
grc"evi convulsions Croatian
grimizan s"arlah scarlet fever Croatian
gripa influenza Croatian
griz"e dysentery Croatian 1
grlobolje, vratobolje sore throat Croatian 1
groznica fever Croatian 1
grus"ati to clot Croatian
guba leprosy Croatian
gus"a goiter Croatian
gus"terac"a pancreas Croatian
hripavac whooping cough Croatian
hydrops dropsy Latin
kapi stroke Croatian
kapi mozga brain stroke, apoplexy Croatian
karcinom carcinoma Croatian
kas"lja of cough Croatian 1, 2
kila hernia Croatian
kljenut srce
today: klijenut srca
heart attack Croatian
kljenut, uzetost
today: klijenut
paralysis Croatian
kolera cholera Croatian
kostobolja "bone ache"
gout, rheumatism
kozice chickenpox Croatian
kuga plague Croatian
marasmus senilis old age debility Latin
meningita meningitis Latin
morbilli illness, disease Latin
mrtvorodjeno stillborn Croatian
nastida dusnica injured windpipe ? Croatian
objesio se hung (self) Croatian
ospice, dobraca measles Croatian 1
ostarjelosti old age Croatian
otekline swelling Croatian 1
otrovanja krvi blood poisoning Croatian
padavica epilepsy Croatian
phthisis pulmonaris pulmonary tuberculosis Latin
phthisis trucheatis tuberculosis of trachea (windpipe) Latin
phthisis, phtysis tuberculosis Latin
pleurita pleurisy Latin
pneumonites pneumonia Latin
porodu, u porodu died in childbirth Croatian 1
pos"alina typhoid Croatian
potres mozga brain concussion Croatian
prehlade cold (as disease) Croatian 1
proljev diarrhea Croatian
pulmonis inflamatio lung illness Latin
raka u z"eludcu, od of stomach cancer Croatian 1
rovanja* krvi blood poisoning Croatian
s"ec'erna bolest diabetes Croatian
samoubojstvo suicide Croatian
scarlatina scarlett fever Latin
senectus old age Latin
skoleta scarlet fever Croatian
slabosti frailness Croatian 1, 2
slijepog crijeva appendicitis Croatian
sluc"aj accident Croatian
spanj. gronica,
s"panjolska groznica
Spanish Flu Croatian
spasmus spasms, fits Latin
starac"ke nemoc'i old age, infirmity Croatian 1
starost old age Croatian
submersio drowning Latin
sus"ica tuberculosis Croatian 1
thysis tuberculosis Latin
tabes hectita tuberculosis Latin
tifusa, stifusa typhoid Croatian
tisi tuberculosis Croatian
trakavica tapeworm Croatian
trovanja krvi,
otrovanja krvi
blood poisoning Croatian
tumor tumor Croatian
tyfsus typhoid fever Latin
upala bubrega nephritis Croatian
upala crieva colitis Croatian
upala pluc'a pneumonia Croatian 1
utopiti se to drown Croatian
uzetost, zetost, kljenut paralysis Croatian
variolarum of smallpox Latin
vermicum, vermes worms Latin
vodene bolesti dropsy, edema Croatian
z"eludac boli stomach ache Croatian
z"uc"ni kamenac gallstones Croatian
z"utica jaundice Croatian
zahlipaca convulsions
(usually in children)
zarazan infectious Croatian
zaus"njac, zaus"nice mumps Croatian
zmija zagristi
proper: ugriz zmije
snake bite Croatian