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The following information was supplied to us by Deby Raspolich of Australia. If you have similar information that we can show on this website, please contact us.

From: Deby Raspolich

I'm sure there are many people more expert and experienced in Latin than I, however I'm willing to offer my notes on what I've learnt if they are helpful to someone.

All my info comes from the parish registers of Pinguente (now Buzet) in Istrija.
Births 1821-1887
Marriages 1821-1903
Deaths 1815-1886

Some things that come to mind that can be confusing:

The Latin ending "ii" is possessive. So the name Joannes Drascich Georgii means Joannes Drascich, son of George.

The word "eiusdem," sometimes abbreviated "euis" in a date column is not the name of a month, but means "as such" (i.e., ditto). Therefore, it is necessary to look back up the column (it may be several pages back) until you find the last month entered.

Misc. words & abbreviations
def., defunctus, defunto = Deceased
fil, filia = Daughter, daughter of
fil, filius = Son, son of
Filius posthumus = Child born after the father’s death
Nata = Born, nee (maiden name)
Natus heri = Born yesterday
Natus hodi (hodie)= Born today
Uxor = Wife, wife of
Vidua = Widow
Viduo, viduus = Widower

Causes of death (There are many spelling variations of the following.)
Angina = Tonsillitis with pus, infection
Apoplexi = Stroke
Axfisia = Suffocation, asphyxia
Catarrh intestini = Intestinal catarrh
Convulsio = Convulsions
Debilitas = Weakness, infirmity
Dysenterie = Dysentery
Epatite = Hepatitis
Epedimia = Epidemic, rapidly spreading disease
Febris = Fever
Febris gastric = Gastric fever
Febris maligna = Fever
Febris nervosa = Fever with nervous system symptoms
Febris perniciosa = Deadly fever
Febris vermicolus = Fever, worms
Fluxus = Flowing, loose – possibly diahorrea
Hydrocephalus cronicus = Chronic hydrocephalus
Hydrops = Dropsy
Marasmus = wasting, malnutrition
Marasmus senilis = Old age debility
Meningita = Meningitis
Molar con fractus = Weak molar
Morbilli = Illness, disease
Phthisis pulmonaris = Pulmonary tuberculosis
Phthisis trucheatis = Tuberculosis of trachea (windpipe)
Phthisis, phtysis = Tuberculosis
Pleurita = Pleurisy
Pneumonites = Pneumonia
Rachtide = rickets
Scarlatina = Scarlett fever
Senectus = Old age
Spasmus = Spasms, fits
Submersio = Drowning
Thysis = Tuberculosis
Tyfsus = Typhoid fever
Variolarum = of smallpox
Vermicum, vermes = Worms

Agricolo, agricola = Farmer, countryman/woman
Cancaslarius = Fencer (?)
Civilus, civili = Citizen, civillian
Faber = Tradesman, smith, artisan
Faber ferarius = Blacksmith
Lapidarius = Stonemason
Lignaniy = Woodcutter
Molitor = Builder
Nobilis = Noble
Obstetrix = Midwife
Possidente = Landholder
Rustico/rustica = Farmer
Scriba = Writer, scribe
Sutor, sutoris = Shoemaker
Textor = Weaver
Villicus = Overseer, estate manager, steward

Names (Many names are easy to recognise, however some may be a little more obscure.)

Latin; English; Italian; Croatian
Antonius; Anthony; Antonio; Antun, Ante
Domenicus; Dominick; Domenico; (?)
Francisca; Frances; Frencesca; Franica
Franciscus; Francis; Francesco; Franjo, Frano
Georgius; George; Giorgio; Juraj, Djuro, D'uro
Joanna; Joan, Johnna; Giovanna; Ivana, Ivanka
Joannes; John; Giovanni; Ivan, Ivo
Josefus; Joseph; Giuseppe; Josef, Josif, Josip, Joso, Joz"a, Jos"ko
Matteus; Matthew; Matteo; Matej, Matija, Mato
Petrus; Peter; Pietro; Petar, Pero

Here are some to add to the list of unknown meanings
Anthanz = ?
Pojmodsa = of drink (?)
Morbis ejudemimo = ?

For continuity in my charts I use Italian names throughout. Therefore I have converted all Latin names into Italian equivalents. One lady told me she couldn't find her grandfather, Ivan, anywhere in the registers. When I suggested she look for Joannes she had a lot more success!

Hope this is of some help.

Deby Raspolich