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Nationwide vs. Regional
Some of the information in this section pertains to all of Croatia and some of it is regional. The problem is that most researchers (and contributors to this website) have a regional interest. Some of their regional information can be applied to other parts of the country and some cannot. We will do the best we can to present the information in a way useable to the most number of people. However, in many cases regional examples and information will have to suffice because that's all we have. It's then your job to extrapolate this information into useable ideas for your own purposes.

Share your research. Help others who may be researching one of the names on your list. Details here.

The information below marked by [**] is presented in 2 ways -- through the links below, and through the Tutorials (see further down).

Matic"ne knjige and Stanja Dus"a
**. Explanation of the various Croatian church documents.

Church documents, index of lists.
This is an index of the various lists in this website that explain words and terms as found in Croatian church documents. Names, dates, occupations, medical terms, glossary of misc. terms, etc.

Reading Croatian church documents
**. LDS microfilms, Matic"ne Knjige, Stanja Dus"a, Christening journals. This is also Lesson 5 in the tutorials. Explains how to read document headings, as well as hand-written entries such as months, dates (numbers), and miscellaneous terms.

Glossary of months. Lists words for the months of the year in Croatian, Italian, Latin and English. Shows hand-written examples in Croatian and Italian.

Finding church offices in Croatia**. Explains how to find church offices using the Croatian on-line phone book and how to address letters to those offices.

Finding the church knowing the home village

How to find where in Croatia a village is located

Social customs of southern Croatia. These are customs that can lead to proper identification.

Success stories (and failures). What worked and what didn't. Real examples.

Spelling variations. Help in figuring out the original spelling of Croatian surnames. General rules and actual examples.

Surname variants
. Shows spellings of some Croatian surnames outside of Croatia. Heavy on surnames from southern Croatia at the moment. List your variant here.

First name variants
**. Shows spelling and pronunciation of Croatian first names. Heavy on the Adriatic area.

Old photos. A gallery of pre-WWI photos to help identify regions of origin by surname or manner of dress.

Writing to the churches
**. "Copy and paste" translations.

Using the Croatian on-line phone book
** to find surnames.

** of miscellaneous Croatian genealogy terms and words. Some examples (images) are linked.

Surname Registry. Register the surname(s) you are researching so others can find you.

Croatian postal codes. See the links page.

Croatian area codes. A map of the telephone area codes within Croatia.

Croatian counties. This is also the area code map (above). There are 20-some counties in Croatia. The area codes and postal codes are related (last 2 digits of area code = 1st 2 digits of postal code -- except for Zagreb).

Croatian on-line phone directory. See the links page.

Professional genealogy services. A list of professional genealogists who specialize in Croatia.

Robert Jerin's links:
Robert Jerin's links page. More than just links. Robert gives helpful descriptions or short reviews of most links. Updated often.

Tutorials (Much of the information in these tutorials can also be found in the links above. These tutorials are just another way of presenting the information.)

Lesson 1: How to find the home village
Lesson 2: Finding the church
Lesson 3: Contacting the church
Lesson 4: Church records
Lesson 5: Reading the records
Lesson 6: Finding where a village is located
Lesson 7: Addressing letters to Croatia

Churches and villages of Konavle. A list of churches and the villages they serve in the southern-most part of Croatia.

Group photos of Ploc"ice parish. Church groups and school classes of a small parish in Konavle from 1911 to the late 1930s. Two photos now. More will follow.

List of surnames from Konavle. From the website of Niko Kapetanic'.

First names of Mali Los"inj. A list of first names from a researcher of that area.

A list of some surnames of Korc"ula that can be found in the Korc"ula church records (1583-1946). Transcriptions of Christening and marriage records from the town of Korc"ula.

Book reviews. A list and reviews of books of interest to genealogists and family historians.

Bibliography. A general list of books, in print and out, on the subjects of Croatian genealogy and history. No reviews.