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This is a series of instructional material created especially for this website to help people with the most basic of Croatian genealogy questions:
  1. Where is the home village?
  2. Where are the church records?
  3. How to read the church records.

Lesson 1: Finding the home village

  • Collecting information
  • Spelling the names
  • Submitting the information to forums
  • Using the Croatian on-line phone directory to find the home village

Lesson 2: Finding the church

  • Using the Croatian postal code directory to find the right church
  • Using the on-line phone directory to find church addresses

Lesson 3: Contacting the church

  • What the church can and cannot provide
  • Writing to the church
  • Always send a donation

Lesson 4: Church records

  • What's available
  • Explanation of Matic"ne Knjige and Stanja Dus"a
  • LDS microfilm

Lesson 5: Reading the records

  • Examples of Matic"ne Knige and Stanja Dus"a
  • Reading first names
  • Reading dates and numbers
  • Reading miscellaneous terms
  • Glossary of terms

Lesson 6: Finding where in Croatia a village is located

  • Using search engines
  • Using Robert Jerin's links page
  • Using Croatian genealogy forums
  • Using the Croatian on-line phone directory
  • Using the Croatian on-line postal code directory
  • Using a map of Croatian counties and area codes

Lesson 7: Addressing letters to Croatia

  • Addresses from before 1992
  • The common form of Croatian addresses
  • Reading addresses in the on-line phone books
  • If a postal code search gives more than one result