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For 4 years we had a registry of Croatian surnames here. Its purpose was to connect people who were researching the same surnames.

But we've discontinued it because of the wonderful capabilities of today's web search engines (especially Most people who come to a web list of surnames find it through searching on a particular name, not by searching for "surname registry" (for example). So if you post any notice on any Croatian forum, that notice can be found by anyone searching for the words that are within your notice. So, no need for our Surname Registry.

[But our Surname Variant Registry is a different story. It is still working and we urge you to register with it if your surname is spelled differently now. A list of surname variants is very rare and hard to search for on the Web. That's why we're keeping ours.]

Here's what to do to instead of our old surname registry:

1. Go to any of the Croatian forums which can be found here.
2. Send them a notice that includes:

  • The surname(s) you are researching.
  • The variant spellings of that surname (You don't know how other families may be spelling their name. Include all variations you can think of.)
  • The original village or region in Croatia (if known).
  • A contact for you that will be good for many years to come. If you don't want to put your email address on the web, then give a postal address. But remember, people may be searching 20 years from now. This information will still be in a web archive somewhere. Give the most permanent information you can as your contact.

That's it. Pretty easy. And it will be there for a long time.

But if you still want to see our old Surname Registry, here it is:

Surnames starting with A-K.
Surnames starting with L-Z.

And if you want to contact an old reference number, we may still have it on file. Just email us. If we can find it, we will send it to you.