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Subject matter: Croatian history, family history, emigration history, genealogy, customs, folklore, travel, tourist interest, language, etc.

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Many of these books are in Croatian but, to varying degrees, have value to the nonCroatian-reading genealogist or family historian. Such value is explained in the review or comment (follow the link).

For a bibliography of books on Croatian genealogy and history, see here.

Linked titles, below, have been reviewed or commented on.

Croatian National Costumes by Ivica Ivankovic', ISBN 953-6060-10-8, photos by Vladimir S"imunic'; 2001; 13.25" x 9.65"; 224 pp. [nosnja; nosnje, Simunic]
Stanovnis"tvo Konavala, Vols. 1 (1998) and 2 (1999), Niko Kapetanic' and Nenad Vekaric'. Translation of title: The Population of Konavle.
Peljes"ki Rodovi (A-K), 1995, Nenad Vekaric'.
Peljes"ki Rodovi (L-Z"), 1996, Nenad Vekaric'.
The above 2 books are comprised of short histories, as derived from church records and documents in the Dubrovnik Archive, of the surnames on the Peljes"ac Peninsula, NW of Dubrovnik. The author is a native of this region and Director of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dubrovnik branch.
Konavle u Pros"losti, Sadas"njosti i Buduc'nosti, Vols. 1 (1998) and 2 (1999), various authors. Translation of title: Konavle: Past, Present and Future.
Na Razmed'u, 1997, Vesna Miovic'-Peric'. Translation of title: On the Borderline
Falsifikat o Podrijetlu Konavoskih Rodova, 1997, Niko Kapetanic' and Nenad Vekaric', 136 pages. Translation of title: A Forgery of the Population of Konavle [suggested alternative title: A Fake Population History of Konavle]
Dubrovnik Annals, Vol. 2, 1998, various authors, in English.
Vrijeme Z"enidbe i Ritam Poroda (Dubrovnik i njegova okolica od 17. do 19. stoljec'a), 2000, various authors. Translation of title: Marriage Patterns and the Family Reproductive Process (Dubrovnik and vicinity from the 17th to the 19th centuries)
Konavoski Epigrafic"ki Spomenici iz Vremena Dubrovacke Republike, 2000, Niko Kapetanic'. Translation of title: Epigraphic Monuments of Konavle from the Time of the Dubrovnik Republic.
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