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Falsifikat o Podrijetlu Konavoskih Rodova, 1997, Niko Kapetanic' and Nenad Vekaric', 136 pages; ISBN 953-154-087-X. Translation of title: A Forgery of the Population of Konavle [or perhaps: A Fake Population History of Konavle] Photo of cover.

Apparently, starting around 200 years ago, many Serbs have tried by various means and for political reasons to "prove" that many Croatians are actually of Serbian origin. This type of deception has led to much trouble in Croatia, and most recently helped Serbia to justify their 1991 attack on Dubrovnik.

This scheme is little-known outside of Croatia but Vekaric' and Kapetanic', at least, are trying to shed some light on it by exposing one particular injustice done by Jovan Vukmanovic' in his 1980 book entitled Konavle (written in Cyrillic; not to be confused with a 1984 book by the same title by Stijepo Koc"an). To better reach the world outside of Croatia, the entire text of this book is in both Croatian and English. However, there are several tables in the book which show certain discrepancies and inaccuracies pertaining to some Konavlian surnames, and these have not been translated into English. And, of course, these would be of most interest to genealogists. The book has no index so, as a convenience to the reader, the surnames are listed below. If you find any of these surnames of interest, I suggest buying the book and then employing a translator for the part pertaining to your surname.

According to the authors, Vukmanovic' was trying to prove Serbian origins for many Konavlian families. His methods were to collect oral histories and information from old documents and then manipulate this data to meet his ends. The result is a listing of many stories of family origin, most of which are not true. The authors show in precise detail (through the tables) which of these stories is inaccurate and why. It should be noted that the authors do not consider family stories and oral tradition to be accurate scientific sources. Therefore, some stories that the families themselves thought to be accurate have been disproven. All of this makes good material for the family historian who is trying to provide an accurate family history. Debunking of myths is part of the game. At the very least it should be noted that the information in Vukmanovic''s book (should you come across it and are able to read it) should not be taken as fact without further proof.

Croatians now have the freedom to speak out against such injustices. It's good to see that they are wasting no time in doing so.

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List of surnames as found in Falsifikat o Podrijetlu Konavoskih Rodova:
Alaga, Antunovic', Arbanasin, Arbulic', Arkulin, Bagovic', Bakic', Baletin, Balic', Baljevic', Banic', Baule, Bec'ir, Bekic', Bendis", Bijelic', Bogis"ic', Bokarica, Borkovic', Bos"kovic', Brailo, Brajevic', Bratic"evic', Bratos", Bronzan, Burd'elez, Butijer, C'eo, Capor, Caput, Car, Carevic', Crnc"evic', Crvik, Cucalo, Cvjetkovic', D'angradovic', D'ano, D'uka, D'uras", D'uras"ic', D'uratovic', D'urkovic', D'urovic', Dalmatin, Delija, Demovic', Deranja, Desin, Diklic', Divizic', Dobras"in, Dragic', Drobac, Duc"ic', Fjorovic', Glavic', Glavinic', Gled', Grbic', Gusar, Hajmut, Ivanis", Jelinovic', Jovica, Kalac"ic', Kandic', Kapetanic', Katic', Katus"ic', Kipre, Klaic', Klaric', Koc"e, Kocelj, Kolic', Komajic', Koprivica, Korac', Kordic', Kosac"ic', Kostopec", Kovac"ic', Kralj, Kukuljica, Kurajica, Kusalic', Laptalo, Lasic', Lazarevic', Letunic', Levata, Lobro, Luc"ic', Luic', Macan, Magud, Margaretic', Maric', Marnic', Martinovic', Maslac', Matijas"evic', Memed, Metkovic', Mihatovic', Mijac", Mijovic', Miladin, Milan, Miletak, Miljanic', Miljanovic', Milkovic', Mis"ic', Mjesec"evic', Mlados"evic', Mostahinic', Mulja, Niks"ic', Njiric', Novakovic', Obad, Paljetak, Paskovic', Pavlic', Pavlin, Peko, Pendo, Perovic', Perus"ko, Petrovic', Piplica, Pis"ta, Primorac, Prz"ic', Pulic', Pus"ic', Rac"evic', Radelj, Radic"evic', Radin, Radonic', Raic"evic', Ramadan, Redz"o, Rilovic', Ronc"evic', Rustan, S"abadin, S"apro, S"taka, Sabljic', Salatic', Saulac"ic', Senjo, Simovic', Skuric', Skvic"alo, Skvrce, Spremic', Stanovic', Stolic', Taras", Tomus"ic', Tripkovic', Trkovic', Trojan, Trojanovic', Uhodic', Uros", Veselic', Vezilic', Vidak, Vodopic', Vojinic', Vragolov, Vukic', Vukota, Vukovic', Vus"ic', Z"upanovic'.

Below are the same names as above except with Americanized and variant spellings. This is so search engines can index these spellings.
Alaga, Antunovich, Antonovich, Arbanasin, Arbanas, Arbulich, Arkulin, Bagovich, Bakich, Baletin, Balich, Baljevich, Balevich, Banich, Baule, Baulle, Bechir, Beecher, Bekich, Bendis, Bendish, Bijelich, Bogisich, Bogasich, Bokarica, Borkovich, Borcovich, Boskovich, Boscovich, Brailo, Braillo, Brajevich, Brajevich, Braticevich, Bratos, Bronzan, Burdjelez, Butijer, Butier, Ceo, Cheo, Capor, Caput, Car, Zar, Carevich, Cerncevich, Crvik, Cucalo, Cvjetkovich, Chetkovich, Djangradovich, Djano, Djuka, Djuras, Djurasich, Djuratovich, Duratovich, Djurkovich, Jurkovich, Jerkovich, Djurovich, Jurovich, Dalmatin, Delija, Delia, Delja, Demovich, Deranja, Derania, Desin, Diklich, Divizich, Dobrasin, Dragich, Drobac, Duchich, Fjorovich, Fiorovich, Glavich, Glavinich, Glavanich, Gled, Glage, Grbich, Gerbich, Gusar, Hajmut, Haimut, Ivanish, Jelinovich, Jovica, Kalacich, Kandich, Kapetanich, Capitanich, Capatanich, Katich, Katusich, Kipre, Klaich, Klarich, Koche, Kocelj, Kolich, Komaich, Comaich, Koprivica, Copravica, Korach, Kordich, Kosacich, Kostopech, Kovacich, Kralj, Kukulica, Kurajica, Kusalich, Laptalo, Lasich, Lazarevich, Letunich, Lettunich, Levata, Lobro, Lucich, Luich, Macan, Machan, Magud, Margaretich, Marich, Marnich, Martinovich, Maslach, Matiasevich, Memed, Metkovich, Mihatovich, Mijac, Miovich, Mijovich, Miladin, Milladin, Milan, Miletak, Miljanich, Miljanovich, Milkovich, Missich, Mladosevich, Mostahinich, Mulja, Mulia, Niksich, Njirich, Nierich, Novakovich, Novacovich, Obad, Paljetak, Paletak, Paskovich, Pascovich, Pavlich, Pavlin, Peko, Pendo, Perovich, Perushko, Petrovich, Piplica, Pista, Primorac, Perzich, Pulich, Pussich, Racevich, Radelj, Radicevich, Radin, Radonich, Raicevich, Ramadan, Redzo, Rilovich, Roncevich, Rustan, Sabadin, Sapro, Staka, Sabljich, Sablich, Salatich, Saulacich, Senjo, Simovich, Skurich, Scurich, Skvrce, Skuce, Spremich, Stanovich, Stolich, Tarash, Tomusich, Tripkovich, Trkovich, Trojan, Trojanovich, Troyanovich, Uhodich, Urosh, Veselich, Vezilich, Vidak, Vodopich, Vojinich, Voinich, Vragolov, Vukich, Vukota, Vukovich, Vusich, Zupanovich.