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Bibliography of books and magazine articles (most in English) on Croatian history or genealogy. Some are in print; some are not. Sorry but we cannot advise on how to find them or purchase them. We are looking for some of the out-of-print ones ourselves.

Please send us suggestions to include here. Also send comments about any of these.

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A Guide to Croatian Genealogy by Adam S. Eterovich Publisher: Ragusan Pr; ISBN: 0918660955; (Nov. 1995)
A History of Croatia. by Stephen Gazi Publisher: Philosophical Library; ASIN: 0802221084; (June 1973)
A Ragusan Bride: Dubrovnik to San Francisco by Mary Kentra Ericsson Publisher: Ragusan Press; ASIN: 0918660165
A State of Deference: Ragusa/Dubrovnik in the Medieval Centuries (Middle Ages Series) by Susan Mosher Stuard Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press; ISBN: 0812231783; 269 pp
A history of the Croatian language: toward a common standard by Milan Mogus Publisher: Nakladni Zavod Globus; ASIN: 9531670498; 255 pp
Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia by Rebecca West Publisher: Penguin USA; ISBN: 0140188479; Reprint edition (April 1995); 1181 pp
Communal Families in the Balkans: The Zadruga: Essays by Philip E. Mosely and Essays in His Honor by Robert F. Byrnes (editor) Publisher: Univ of Notre Dame Pr; ASIN: 0268005699; (June 1976)
Croatia by Milan Rakovac Publisher: ? Motovun; ASIN: 8672550137; 270 pp
Croatia (Modern World Nations) by Zoran Pavlovic, Charles F. Gritzner Publisher: Chelsea House Pub (Library); ISBN: 079107210X; (Sept. 2002
Croatia and the Croatians: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography in English by George J. Prpic Publisher: Associated Book Pub; ASIN: 0910164053; (Dec. 1982)
Croatian Migration to and from the United States, 1900-1914 by Frances Kraljic Publisher: R & E Pub; ASIN: 0918660041; (June 1978)
Croatian Pioneers in America 1685-1900 by Joyce James Publisher: R & E Pub; ASIN: 0918660106; (Aug. 1979)
Croatian and Slav pioneers: New South Wales, 1800’s-1940’s by Mary Stenning Publisher: Fast Books; ASIN: 0646276557; 126 pp
Croatian-Slavonian Kingdom, 1526-1792 (Studies in European History, No 21) by Stanko Guldescu Publisher: Walter De Gruyter; ASIN: 9027000623;
Dalmatia by J. J. Wilkes Publisher: Routledge & K. Paul; ASIN: 0710062850; 572 pp
Dubrovnik (Ragusa): A classic city-state by Francis W. Carter Publisher: Seminar Press; ASIN: 0128129506; 710 pp
Dubrovnik and its surroundings: history, culture, art, natural features, tourism, plan of the city and its surroundings, map by Anuska Novakovic Publisher: Mate; ASIN: 9536070510; 144 pp
Dubrovnik in the 14th and 15th Centuries: A City Between East and West by Barisa Krekic Publisher: Univ of Oklahoma Pr; ASIN: 0806109998; (March 1979)
Dubrovnik, Italy, and the Balkans in the late Middle Ages by Barisa Krekic Publisher: Variorum Reprints; ASIN: 0860780708; 304 pp
Dubrovnik: A Mediterranean Urban Society, 1300-1600 by Barisa Krekic Publisher: Variorum; ISBN: 0860786315; (July 1997)
From Zadruga to Oil Refinery: Croatian Immigrants and Croatian-Americans in Whiting, Indiana, 1890-1950 (European Immigrants and American Society) by Edward Andrew Zivich Publisher: Garland Pub; ASIN: 0824003659; (July 1990)
History of Dalmatia by Giuseppe Praga Publisher: Giardini; ASIN: 8842702951; 363 pp
History of the Serbs in Croatia and Slavonia 1848-1914 by Vasilije Krestic Publisher: Beogradski izdavaécki-grafiécki zavod; ASIN: 8613008887; 667 pp
In search of a better life: a story of Croatian settlers in Southern Africa by T. A. Mursalo Publisher: ?; ASIN: 0620050055; 1st ed. edition; 201 pp
Marko Polo i istoécni Jadran u 13. stoljeâcu : zbornik radova znanstvenog skupa, Korécula, 4.-7. listopada 1995   Publisher: Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti; ASIN: 9531540853; 136 pp
National Geographic Magazine; Jan. 1928, "Dalmatian Days" by Melville Carter
Senj and its surroundings: history, culture, art, natural features, tourism, plan of the city, map by Milan Galic Publisher: Turistiécka Naklada; ASIN: 9536570483; 88pp
Slavonia and Baranya by M. Topic Publisher: “Pegaz”; ASIN: 9536184141
Split: Portrait of my beloved city by Ivo Eterovic Publisher: Logos; ASIN: 8635900227; 191 pp
The Uskoks of Senj: Piracy, Banditry, and Holy War in the Sixteenth-Century Adriatic by Catherine Wendy Bracewell Publisher: Cornell Univ Pr; ISBN: 080142674X; (June 1992); 329 pp
The Vukovar war drama by Dusan Vilic Publisher: DIK Knjizevne Novine-Enciklopedija; ASIN: 8679430218; 52 pp
The early mediaeval archaeology of Croatia : A.D. 600-900 by Huw M. A. Evans Publisher: B.A.R.; ASIN: 0860546853; 378 pp
The natural heritage of Croatia   Publisher: Buvina Ltd.; ASIN: 9539674905; 400 pp
Two thousand years of writing in Croatia by Radoslav Katicic Publisher: SNL; ASIN: 8632901133; 180 pp
Visible Cities Dubrovnik (Visible Cities Guidebook series)
Comment: "Insightful, well written; Walking tours included. I don't know how there could be a better guidebook."
by Annabel Barber Publisher: Visible Cities; ISBN: 9630059312; (Sept. 2002); 165 pp
Vukovar, eternal Croatian town on the Danube = Vukovar, vjekovni hrvatski grad na Dunav = Vukovar, ewige kroatische Stadt an der Donau   Publisher: “Dr. Feletar”; ASIN: 9536235005; 554 pp
Zadar and its surroundings: history, culture, art, natural features, tourism, plan of the city and its surroundings, map by Ivo Petricioli Publisher: Turisticka naklada; ASIN: 953657005X; 84 pp