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Books: Dubrovnik Annals

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Dubrovnik Annals, Vol. 2, 1998, various authors, 138 pages; ISSN 1331-3878. Published by the Institute for Historical Sciences in Dubrovnik which is a branch of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Photo of cover.

This book is entirely in English and has interest for family historians who are collecting information on the Dubrovnik region. However, for those studying surnames only, there is very little information. The English editing is excellent and the reader does not need to be constantly on guard for strange English usage. This makes it much more comfortable to read. This may be due to the fact that one Alexander D. Hoyt was the English editor. With that name I am assuming that he is a native English speaker. So many other translated books have been edited by Croatians. This is great for the economy of Croatia but can sometimes compromise a real understanding of the text. [Please excuse this aside, but I must mention an example to explain this problem: A text read, "Few soldiers responded," which means that almost no soldiers responded. What was meant was, "A few soldiers responded," which puts their numbers at considerably more. And with further research it might be found that "Quite a few soldiers responded," which would put their numbers even higher. Distinctions such as these are important but often missed by editors whose first language is not English.]

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The Population of the Dubrovnik Republic in the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries, Nenad Vekaric', pages 7-28.

The Dubrovnik Republic and the Spanish War of Succession (1701-1714), Miljenko Foretic', pages 29-54.

The Fall of the Dubrovnik Republic and the Establishment of the French Administration in Dubrovnik in 1808 and 1809, Stjepan C'osic', pages 55-98.

Tommaseo in Dubrovnik, Slavica Stojan, pages 99-107.

Trading Nations: Jews and Venetians in the Early Modern Eastern Mediterranean, Benjamin Arbel, reviewed by Maren Frejdenberg., pages 109-113

The Jews in the Balkans, Maren M. Frejenberg, reviewed by Mihaela Vekaric', pages 113-115.

Familie und Verwandtschaft auf dem Balkan, Karl Kaser, reviewed by Nenad Vekaric', 115-118.

Dubrovc"anin Benedikt Kotruljevic' - Hrvatski i svjetski ekonomist SV. stoljec'a [Benedikt Kotruljevic' of Dubrovnik: Croatian and World Economist of the 15th Century], ed. Vladimir Stipetic', reviewed by Stijepan C'osic', pages 118-123.

Mladi Supilo [Young Supilo], Ivo Peric', reviewed by Stjepan C'osic', pages 123-126.

Pod plas"tem pravde [Criminal Justice in the 18th Century Republic of Dubrovnik], Nella Lonza, summary by author, pages 127-133. Note: This is not a summary of the Annals but a summary of the author's book, Pod plas"tem pravde.