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Names: Part 1

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Names in Croatian Church Documents: Part 1 of 2. For Part 2 see here.

Purpose: To show examples of how
names are presented in Croatian church documents. These examples are taken from Stanja Dus"a of the Konavle region.

(See text below image)

The above is an excerpt; dates and other information are not shown. Written in Croatian.

Each line is listed below in black with English translation in red (names are in Croatian). Comments are in blue and in brackets [ ].

Luka p: Mata Sablic' i p: Sofije Tasovic'
Luka of deceased Mato Sablic' and deceased Sofija Tasovic'.
[The parents of Luka were Mato and Sofija. Both were deceased when this was written. Don't let the various declensional endings of Croatian names throw you. The parents' names were still Mato and Sofija even though they are spelled differently in this inflected language. (p: = pokojni = deceased)]

Jakov p: Mata Sablic' i p: Sofije Tasovic'
Jakov of deceased Mato Sablic' and deceased Sofija Tasovic'.
[This has to be Luka's brother since they have the same parents. Some relationships must be deduced in these books. Not everything is explicitly spelled out.]

Mare Mos"ic' nahodica z"ena Luke
Mare Mos"ic', orphan, wife of Luka.
[Mare's parents are not listed because she was an orphan with unknown parents. She was married to the Luka listed above. Their children are below. The lines through the name of Marija (in the image) means that she married and is discontinued on this page. She is continued on her husband's page.]


Marija Nikole Metkovic' Srpa z"ena Mata
Marija, whose father is Nikola Metkovic' Srpa, wife of Mato.
[Srpa is the nickname of this branch of the Metkovic' family. Nikola was still alive when this was written, otherwise there would be a "p:" in front of his name. Marija was married to the Mato listed above. Their children are below.]


Marija Prkoc"a z"ena Luke
Marija Prkoc"a, wife of Luka.
[She was married to the Luka two lines above.]