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Names: Part 2

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Names in Croatian Church Documents: Part 2 of 2. For Part 1 see here.

Purpose: To show examples of how
names are presented in Croatian church documents. These examples are taken from Stanja Dus"a of the Konavle region.

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The above text was written in Italian. This is an excerpt; dates and other information are not shown.
English translation is in
red (with names in Croatian). Comments are in blue.

NOME E COGNOME (name and surname)

Nicolo di Pietro q. Nicolo Metcovich
Nicoletta q. Matteo q. Matteo Metco-
vich, 1a: moglie.

Nikola of Pero of deceased Nikola Metkovich
Nike of deceased Mato of deceased Mato Metko-
vich, first wife.

Meaning: Nikola, whose father is Pero and whose father's father was Nikola.
Nike, whose father was Mato and whose father's father was Mato, was the first wife of [above] Nikola. The woman had the same surname as the man.

English equivalents of names:
Nikola = Nick; Nike = Nickie (or female version of Nick)
Mato = Matthew (though many Matos became Martins in the States)

di = of; q. = quondam = of the late, of the deceased

Comments: At the time of the writing, Nikola's father, Pero, was still living. Otherwise, a "q." would be in place of the "di." Nike's father was deceased. Nikola was probably the oldest son of Pero because naming conventions required the oldest son to be named after the father's father.