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Dates: Part 1

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Dates in Croatian Church Documents: Part 1 of 2 (see here for part 2).

Purpose: To show examples of how dates are presented in Croatian church documents. This page focuses on reading numbers; for examples of months, see here. These examples are taken from various Stanja Dus"a of the Konavle region of southern Croatia.

20 February, 1811 The 1st digit of the year was sometimes not written.
22 September, 1817 li = on; 7bre is abbreviation for September (7 = septem; September was the 7th month in Roman times); unusual 8.
4 December, 1819 li = on; what looks like a zero after the 4 is like the th in 4th; Month reads "xbre"; x = 10 (ten) = decem; In early Roman times December was the 10th month; unusual 8.
1 December, 1820 li = on; month reads "xbre"; see note above.
11 December, 1862 month reads "10bre"; most often Dec. is "xbre", as above.
21 March, 1821 li = on; Some of the 1's are "curled."
26 January, 1821 li = on; last digit of year is a 1 (one) although it is not straight (also above).
3 February, 1821 li = on; after the 3 is a small 0 which is like rd in 3rd; unusual 8; last digit in year is a 1 (one) although it's not straight.
19 June, 1822 li = on; June = Giugno
13 October, 1828 li = on; between 13 and bre is something which turns out to be an 8 (see 8's in year).
7 January, 1828 li = on; bottom left looks like io is actually jo, a continuation of the month: Gennajo. Unusual 8's.
26 November, 1829 li = on; 2 is not well formed; 9bre is common abbreviation for November (9 = novem; November once was the 9th month.
8 May, 1829 li = on; unusual 8's; what looks like a zero after the first 8 is like th in 8th.
3 December, 1830 li = on; small zero after the 3 is like the rd in 3rd; xbre is abbreviation for December.
11 January, 1831 li = on; bottom left, jo, is actually continuation of the month, Gennajo; last digit of year is a 1 (one) although it is curled.
18 September, 1831 Month = Settem.
2 October, 1831 8bre is abbreviation for October.
25 October, 1831 li = on; October is abbreviation, 8bre; Last digit in year is a 1 although it's curled. Unusual 8's.
24 December, 1832 See notes above for "xbre"; dates in the 1800s often were written without the first digit of 1 (one).
20 January, 1835  
4 August, 1835 agto = augusto = August
17 June, 1837 These 7's don't have lines through the stem.