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Miscellaneous terms

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Purpose: To show examples of
miscellaneous terms as presented in Croatian church documents.
For examples of
months, see here.
For examples of
dates, see Part 1 or Part 2.
The examples below were taken from Stanja Dus"a of the Konavle region of southern Croatia.

Example of: agricoltore
Barbier, Matteo
Barbier, Matteo

Example of: d'Ignoti, marito di
Pasquale Mussio d'Ignoti
marito di Anna
Pasquale Mus"io, orphan [parents unknown]
married to Ana

Example of: esp, espureo
Cristoforo Cerberich esp
Kristo Cerberic', orphan
(esp = espureo = orphan, male)

Example of: espurea (split)
Maria Marovzica [?] es(-)
Maria Marovzica [?], orphan
(espurea = orphan, female; not sure of surname)

Example of: figlia, loro figlia
loro figlia = their daughter

Example of: figlio, loro figlio
loro figlio = their son

Example of: mar: con
mar: con = married with (to)

Example of: marit: con
marit: con Giorgio
married with (to) D'uro (George)

Example of: maritata
maritata a Ragusa
married in Ragusa (Dubrovnik)

Example of: marito di, d'Ignoti
Pasquale Mussio d'Ignoti
marito di Anna
Pasquale Mus"io, orphan [parents unknown]
married to Ana

Example of: mog, moglia
Catt'a Vragnas mog
di Giov.
Katarina Vragnas, wife of Giovanni (Ivo, John)
(mog = moglia = wife)

Example of: mogl:, moglia
mogl: di Vincenzo [mogl = moglia = wife]
wife of Vicko (Vincent)

Example of: moglia (split)
Maria Paglietak mo(-)
glia di Giovanin
Maria Paljetak, wife of Giovani (Ivo, John)
(moglia is split but with no hyphen)
(It helps to know the current surnames in
the villages and how they spell their names today.)

Example of: moglie, sua moglie
sua moglie = his [?] wife

Example of: nahod
Josip-Petar Malkovic' -- Nah
Nah = nahod = orphan (male)

Example of: nahod
Novic', Tripo -- N.
N = nahod = orphan (male)

Example of: nata prima del matrimonia
nata prima del matrimonia
born before marriage

Example of: naviga

Example of: serve
Serve a Stagno
servant in Ston

Example of: sposata
sposata in Cuscelj
married into the Kus"elj family

Example of: u Svietu
u Svietu = into the world, abroad (he's traveling)

Example of: umro
umro u tavnici Istrija
died in a dungeon in Istria

Example of: z"ena
II z"ena
second wife

Example of: z"ena
Ia: z"ena
first wife (I, super a, colon = prva = 1st)