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About this site

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The focus of this website is family history and the main purpose is to get people of Croatian descent interested in the homeland and in their genealogy. But travelers, regardless of ethnic origin, may also find things of interest here.

Who are we?
This site is run by a loose coalition of people who have an interest in Croatia. But we are not a formal organization.

Donations and services. This site is nonprofit. However, we do have some services that provide income through donations.

What this site can't do. We are not set up to answer individual questions about genealogy. That is best done on the various Croatian Forums which can be found on our links page.

The main contributor to this website divides his time between southern Croatia and the US. That's why this site has a lean towards southern Croatia at this point. We need information from other parts. Let us know if you can help.

To help or to submit material, please see here.