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This website does not exist for commercial reasons -- our main goal is to help people find information about Croatia. However, it wouldn't hurt to defray some of the costs. For example, hosting this website costs around $300 per year, which is currently being donated by one individual. And there are several projects which are on the back burner because of lack of money -- for example, translating some very interesting Croatian genealogy articles into English.

So we are offering, below, a few items in exchange for donations to this site. If anyone has other suggestions for such offerings, or has something to offer, please
e-mail us.
Detailed Croatian maps. There is a very detailed Croatian atlas in the Dubrovnik archive. It covers all of Croatia in over 100 letter-sized pages and even shows the locations of buildings and houses. Example showing Krapina; example showing Konavle; example showing Sveti Rok. This is by far the most detailed Croatian map I've seen. These maps are useful for discerning the various villages around a particular church to help in deciphering Matic"ne knjige, for example. I can take several digital photos of your area of interest and mail them to you on disk. The cost is a $30 donation to this site, postage included. I can do it anytime from January to June; that's when I'm living in Dubrovnik. The above examples, by the way, have been manipulated for the Web and have, therefore, lost quality. The images I will send you are much better quality.
HR bumper stickers. Cars and trucks all over Europe have a sticker with their country's code on the back near the license plate. For example, F = France; GB = Great Britain; HR = Croatia (Hrvatska). A few of these have been spotted in Watsonville, California. They surely exist in other communities outside of Croatia as well. They show to others (who know the code) that you are Croatian. For a US$20 donation to this website we will send you an HR sticker (peel-off, self-sticking). See here (large size), here (small size) and here (close-ups of both). Email to us for details (how to pay; where to send money, etc). Indicate large or small (same price). Two of either size for $30.

  Tom's services. Tom lives near Dubrovnik for 6 months of each year. He can do door-to-door research for you, such as copy church or Archive records, take photos of your home village, the house where your ancestor was born, your family graveyard and church, etc. Very reasonable prices. All earnings are donated to this website.
  Donate your expertise:

Translators needed !!
If you can translate Croatian to English, please volunteer. We have several Croatian genealogy articles that need to be translated. But we will burden you with only one paragraph at a time. You can translate at your leisure and can quit at any time. No pressure or deadlines. Your English does not need to be perfect.

E-mail us for details and please put "volunteer translator" as the subject.