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Translators' registry

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This is a list of people who can translate:
Croatian to English (Cro->Eng)
2. English to Croatian (Eng->Cro)
3. Both of the above (Cro<->Eng)
4. Old documents (Latin, Italian, Croatian, Hungarian, Czech, etc). This can also involve reading the old handwriting.

We are including professionals, amateurs, and anyone willing to help.
For specific translation problems, see here.

Abbreviations as shown in the table below:
hr = hour
ch = characters (which includes spaces)
pg = page = 1800 characters

To register your name on this list, please e-mail us

Note: This website makes no endorsement of these translators.

Name Languages Rates Contact Comments
Lucijana Jerkovic' Cro<->Eng US$12-15 per page bulk discounts
BA in English
Canadian working in Zagreb
Ivana Karanikic' Cro<->Eng US$10-12 per page
Nenad Labus Cro<->Eng,
old documents
US$12-15 per page,
US$20 for Latin good in Italian and Latin;
100 pg limit.
Kristina Mas"karin Cro<->Eng US$12-15 per page