How the Croatian alphabet
is shown on this site.


How to search this site

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Here's a really simple way to search this website. Go to at:

In the box, enter the following:

[search word here]

Remove the brackets for the actual search. There is a space after the search word but there is no space after "site:". You can also search for several words by putting OR (in capital letters) between the words.

For example, if you are looking for the surname of Lasich, type in the following:

lasic OR lasich

Then click on "Google search".

Capital letters are ignored in the search word. "OR" must be capitalized.

Notice that our site (( has its own way of indicating the Croatian letters that do not correspond to English letters. This is explained here. Possible spelling variations of surnames are explained here.

The two symbols we use to indicate Croatian letters are ["] and [']. But the Google search engine will not find these symbols. So use [*] instead, EXCEPT when it appears at the end of a word. Here are some examples:

C"upic' [search word = c*upic]
D'urinic'i [search word = d*urinic*i]
Ploc"ice [search word = ploc"ice]

To find terms from church records: muz", z"ena, or kc'i, put this in the Google box:
muz OR z*ena OR kc*i

This search method works for any site.