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-- The correlation between area codes and postal codes.
-- How to find the county of a village.
-- Mobile phones.

[Note the difference between county and country in the following text.]

Correlation between area codes and postal codes
There are 20 counties within Croatia, which can be seen on this map. Each county has its own area code. These area codes always start with zero and are comprised of 3 numbers, except for Zagreb which has 2.

The postal codes in Croatia are comprised of 5 numbers. The first 2 numbers of the postal code are the same as the area code minus the front zero. For example, the postal code for Gruda is 20215. So without even checking, you know the area code must be 020 which puts it within Dubrovnik county. And the reverse is true --> if you know the area code is 043 then the village must be within Bjelovar county.

(Note: When calling Croatia from another country, you must remove the zero from the area code. So you may have a number like this: 011 385 43 555-555. The "011" is to call another country from the States; "385" is the country code for Croatia; "43" is the area code inside of Croatia; the rest is the phone number of the person you are calling. If calling this same number from another county within Croatia, you would dial 043 555-555. If calling a number in the same county, just dial the number without the area code.)

Read more about postal codes here.

Finding the county of a known village
So let's say you want to find out in what county the village Lovinac is located. If you know the postal code, then the first 2 numbers will tell you the county by looking on this map. But if you don't know the postal code, then you must find it by checking the on-line postal code directory. For Lovinac, for example, we find two postal codes: 23241 and 53244. One is in Zadar County and the other in Lika (Gospic') County.

Mobile phones in Croatia
All mobile phones in Croatia have 3-number area codes starting with "09" -- 098, 099, 091, etc. When dialing these numbers from outside Croatia, remove the zero. When dialing from within Croatia, always dial the zero, even if you know the subscriber is within the same county as you. There is no correlation between mobile phone area codes and postal codes. In fact, the "area codes" for mobile phones are nation-wide, and do not indicate the county where the subscriber lives. Sometimes, when calling from outside Croatia, you cannot reach a cell phone in Croatia because the user has set it up to not receive foreign calls.