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Using the phone in Croatia

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Pay Phones in Croatia
None of the pay phones in Croatia takes money. You must buy a pre-paid phone card from the Post Office or one of the many little "Tisak" shops -- kind of like newsstands. I think the denominations are 40 kuna and 100 kuna, but I'm not quite sure. It's a good idea to have one of these cards in case you get stranded somewhere and need to use the phone. You can't even get the information operator without one.

One exception to needing a phone card is at the Post Office. There you just go into one of the phone booths (which are in all Post Offices) and make your call. Then pay at the counter when finished. Post Offices open early and close late -- some are open until 8 pm. And they don't close in the middle of the day like many other shops and businesses in Croatia.

Phoning home from Croatia
The easiest way is to go into a phone booth in any Post Office (there is one at the Zagreb Airport), make the call, and pay on the way out. No need to check in first (but be sure to get Croatian money at the exchange first). You will also need to know the country code of the country you are calling. The U.S. is 001.

The cheapest way is to sign up for a foreign-call pay plan with a phone company in your home country before you leave. They will give you a phone card with PIN, and a phone number to use when calling from the foreign country. Then go into a phone booth in any Post Office, make your call to this special phone number, punch in the number you are calling (no need for country code), and pay when you leave. The main charges go on your home phone card. But you must still pay for the few minutes you spent on the phone at the local rates (very cheap). This method may also work from any pay phone but you will need a Croatian pre-paid phone card to use the phone.

The Information Number in Croatia
The telephone information operators are all very helpful and they all speak pretty good English. But try to find the information number on a pay phone or even in the phone book. Good luck. I've had to ask passers-by on 2 different occasions. It's 988. Got it? 988. Write it down in your purse or wallet. There are no phone books at the pay phones, and you must have a phone card to reach the information operator.