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Miho S"is"a, artist

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[NOTE: Mr. Šiša is now deceased, and the services mentioned below are only informational.]

Miho S"is"a (pronounced SHE' SHAW) is a painter and sculptor in the naive or folk art style. His studio and gallery are in his ancestral home in the village of Mihanic'i, in the region of Konavle, not far from the Dubrovnik airport. He is the only folk artist in the Dubrovnik area and only the second along the Croatian Adriatic Coast.

His scenes usually depict some form of Konavlian life -- the very life that our ancestors left when they emigrated. And through his careful research Mr. S"is"a has authentically shown the old styles of dress, customs, and tools as well as the landscapes of his native Konavle. This makes his work perfect for including in family history collections. I can think of no better way to show your posterity the styles and customs of their ancestors. And these prints are particularly attractive matted and framed on a living room wall. Also Mr. S"is"a is available for commissions. For example, he can paint your ancestral house or village. For commissions, contact him at the address below.

Mr. S"is"a does not sell his originals except by special arrangement or commission. This webpage concerns only laser prints of the originals, which are made uniquely for each order. (Though some, such as Picture 1 and Picture 2, exist as lithographs.) Laser prints can be made any size as long as the 2 dimensions are proportional. In Europe the 2 common paper sizes are A4 and A3 (see below for exact sizes). A4 is somewhat like the U.S. "letter" size. A3 is twice that size. Because the images are of varying dimensions, unless you specify otherwise, your print will fill the paper (A4 or A3) to the largest extent that can be accommodated on that size paper. If you want a smaller size print, please specify the exact dimensions, but the prices are the same as for A4. For example, people often want smaller sizes of the flowers or fruits for their kitchen walls. High quality paper is used, specially designed for laser printing.

A4 (paper size: 8.3" x 11.6") = $19 per print
A3 (paper size: 11.6" x 16.6") = $29 per print
Shipping = $12 per order (in mailing tube, airmail)

Prices are in U.S. dollars. To convert to other currency, please consult a "currency conversion" website which can easily be found through a search engine such as

To order, specify the Picture number (below), the size (A4 or A3), the quantity of each print, add in the shipping cost, and include a personal check or money order (in the currency of your country) made out to "Miho Sisa". He cannot accept credit cards. Mail to:

Miho S"is"a
HR-20217 Pridvorje
Croatia, Europe

Mr. S"is"a is not connected to the Internet and has no e-mail address.

[NOTE: Mr. Šiša is now deceased, and the services mentioned in this article are only informational.]


The list, below, is only a few of the many prints available. Others can only be seen by visiting his gallery.

Note: The images, below, were made with a hand-held digital camera and are of poor quality -- but good enough for the computer screen. The originals and prints are of much finer quality, showing better detail and color value.

Picture 1. Wedding in Konavle. Shows different types of dress and customs. You can look at this painting often, learning more each time.

Picture 2. Another wedding in Konavle. Fewer people and less detail than the one above.

Picture 3. Depicts the building of Dubrovnik through various ages and stages. Lots of detail.

Picture 4. St. Nikola Church in Cavtat.

Picture 5. Dancers in national dress with Dubrovnik in background.

Picture 6. Dancing couple in national dress.

Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10. Four versions of native Konavlian flowers. Very nice on the kitchen wall.

Picture 11
Picture 12. Two versions of native Konavlian fruit. Very nice on the kitchen wall.

Picture 13
Picture 14. Two versions of a man in national dress playing the gusle.

Picture 15. A hunter with his gun and dog, stoking a fire.

Picture 16. A woman slicing prs"ut.

Picture 17. A woman in national dress playing the tamborica.

Picture 18. A man in national dress playing the tamborica.

Picture 19. Village scene in Konavle showing rock buildings and walls.

Picture 20. Man sampling his homemade wine.

Picture 21. Woman washing clothes in a stone wash basin.

Picture 22. Woman tending a cooking pot.

Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27. Five working scenes showing the landscape, farming methods, tools, and dress of Konavle.