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Villages: Konavle

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Here are some photos of villages and scenes in Konavle in southern Croatia.

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View of Mikulic'i, Konavle. House groups are
labeled with surnames. (25K)

View of Ploc"ice, Konavle, with other
villages named. (19K)

East end of Konavle Valley with
villages named. (27K)

Middle of Konavle Valley around
village of Pridvorje. Surnames are given
for each hamlet. (38K)

West end of Konavle Valley, showing
the airport and C"ilipi. (38K)

View of Molunat looking south
from a hill near Mikulic'i. Molunat
is a village at the small neck of land. (17K)

View of Cavtat and Zvekovica,
NW part of Konavle. (90K)