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Matic"ne knjige: birth: example 1

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Below is an example from a birth book from the island of Cres, Croatia, written in Italian. It was submitted by Ryan Rodinis of Atlanta, Georgia. Ante S"oljic' of Dubrovnik is the translator. It is a digital photo of the microfilm screen.


Adi' 24 giugno 1774
Z(oan)ne Ant(oni)o Mattio, figlio d'Agostin Rodinis q(uonda)m Mattio, e di Isidora, figlia di Biagio Valcich sua leg(gitti)ma moglie, fu' battezzato da me D(on) Ant(oni)o Rodinis con licenza del Ill(ustrissi)mo e R(everendissi)mo Monsig(no)r Vescovo, nec non del R(everendissi)mo Sig(no)r Piev(an)o D(on) Agost(in) Petris.
Comp(a)d(r)e: il N(obile) Sig(no)r Ant(onio) Lion del Sig(no)r Zaccaria; com(a)d(re) la N(obile) Sig(nor)a Zannetta mojre del Sig(nor) Benetto.

[Note: Zuanne and Zoanne are of Venentian dialect and often found in the northern Adriatic. Usually it is Giovanni in Italian. In Croatian it is Ivo or Ivan. Mattio is usually Matteo in Italian.]

Translation to English:

On June 24, 1774
John Anthony Matthew, son of Augustine Rodinis (son) of the late Matthew, and Isidora, daughter of Blaise Valcich, his lawful wife. (He was) baptized by me, Don Anthony Rodinis by authority of the Most Excellent and Most Reverend Monsignor Bishop and Most Reverend Rector (of the parish) Don Augustine Petris.
Godfather: Mr. Anthony Leo (son) of Mr. Zaccaria; Godmother: Mrs. Zannetta, wife of Mr. Benetto.

[Note: In southern Croatia Biagio/Blaise is Vlaho; Mattio is Mato or Mate. Don is a title for a Catholic priest.]