First Names

COMMON FIRST NAMES of Southern Croatia

These are some common first names as found in church documents around Dubrovnik.

This information can be put to good use after you have found the original record book. For example, the first name of Boz"o (often Bob or Robert in the States; sometimes Ed or Edward or Ned) is Natale in many church records. If you did not know this, you could look right at your ancestor's church record and not know it. Charles or Charlie in the States is often Vlaho. Cvijeto is often shown as Florio in Croatian church records. John is Ivo or Giovanni.

Hr = Hrvatski = Croatian (bold examples are the most common variants found today)
Nk = nadimak = nickname (in Croatian)
It = Italian (as used in church documents in the 1800s)
Lt = Latin (as used in church documents in the 1800s)
En = English

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Hr: Ana, Ane
Nk: Jane, Janica, Janka, Anka
It: Anna
Lt: Anna
En: Ann, Anna
Ana = AH' NAH
Jane = YAH' NEH
Janica = YAH' NEET SAH
Hr: Anastasija
Nk: Stos"e
It: Anastasia
Lt: ?
En: Anastasia, Stacy
Hr: Andreja, Andrija, Andro
It: Andrea
Lt: Andreas
En: Andrew
masculine name
Hr: Antun, Ante
Nk: Tonc'i, Tonko
It: Antonio
Lt: Antonius
En: Anthony, Tony
Antun = AHN' TOON
Tonc'i = TONE' CHEE
Tonko = TONE' KOH
Hr: Baldo
It: Baldassar
Lt: ?
??: Balthassar
En: no equivalent
Baldo = BAHL' DOH
Sometimes became Barney
in the States.
Hr: Boz"o
Nk: Bos"ko
It: Natale
Lt: Natalis
En: Nat, Nate, Nathaniel, Nathan
Z" in Boz"o is pronounced as
S in treasure. Boz"o often became
Bob or Robert in the States. But some
became Edward or Ed or Ned.
Hr: Cvieto, Cvijeto
It: Florio
Lt: Florius
En: no equivalent
masculine of Florence
Hr: D'uro, Djuro, Gjuro, Jure
It: Giorgio
En: George
D'uro = JEW' ROH (rolled R)
Hr: Elena, Jele, Jelena
It: Ellena
Lt: Helena
En: Helen
Jele = YEH' LEH
Hr: Gas"par
Lt: Gasparius
En: Gaspar, Casper
G as in good
Gjuro -- see D'uro  
Hr: Grgur
Lt: Gregorius
En: Gregory, Greg
GR' GER (rolled R's)
both G's as in good
Helena -- see Elena  
Hr: Ivo
It: Giovanni
Lt: Ivan
En: John, Jack
Ivo = EE' VOH
Hr: Jakov, Jako
En: Jacob, Jake
Jako = YAH' KOH
Jane -- see Ana  
Jele -- see Elena  
Hr: Josip, Jozip
Nk: Jos"ko, Jozo
It: Giuseppe
En: Joseph, Joe
Josip = YOH' SIHP
Jure -- see D'uro
Hr: Kate
Nk: Katica
It: Caterina, Cattarina, Catta
Lt: Katarina
En: Catherine, Katherine, Kathy, Cathy,
Kate, Katie, Katy, Kay, etc.
Kate = KAH' TEH
Hr: Kristo
It: Christoforo, Christo
En: Christopher, Chris
Kristo = KREE' STOH
Hr: Luce, Lucija
It: Lucia
En: Lucy, Lucille, Louise, Lois
Luce = LOOT' SEH
Hr: Luka
Nk: Vuka, Vuko
Lt: Lupus, Vukislav
En: Luke, Louis
The old name roots of Vuk- and Lup-
have become intertwined with the
Christian name of Luke.
Vuk- and Lup- = wolf.
Hr: Mare
It: Maria
En: Mary, Maria
Mare = MAH' REH (rolled R)
Hr: Marko
Lt: Marcus
En: Mark, Marc, Marcus
Sometimes became Mike or Michael.
Hr: Mato
It: Matteo
Lt: Mattheus
En: Matthew, Matt, (Martin)
Mato often became Martin in the States
even though Matthew and Martin are
unrelated linguistically.
Hr: Miho, Mijo
It: Michele
En: Mike, Michael, Mitchell, Mitch
Natale -- see Boz"o  
Hr: Nike
It: Nicoleta
Lt: Nicolaa
En: Nickie (not common)
Feminine of Niko; no common English
equivalent; Nike became Nellie
in the States. Nike = NEE' KEH
Hr: Niko, Nikola
It: Nicolo
Lt: Nicolas
En: Nick, Nickolas
Niko = NEE' KOH
Hr: Pasko
It: Pasquale
En: Pasqual
Hr: Pave, Paola
Nk: Pavica
It: Paula
En: Pauline, Paula
feminine of Paul
Pave = PAH' VEH
Hr: Pavo, Paval
It: Paulo
En: Paul
Hr: Pero, Petar
It: Pietro
Lt: Petrus
En: Peter, Pete
PEH' ROH (rolled R)
Petar -- see Pero  
Hr: Rade
It: Raffaella
En: Rafaela
feminine of Ralph
Rade = RAH' DEH
Hr: Rado
En: Ralph
Rado = RAH' DOH
Hr: S"ime
It: Simone
En: Simon
S"ime = SHEE' MEH
Hr: Stane
It: Stanislava
Lt: Stanislaa
En: no equivalent
feminine of Stanley
Stane often became Stella in the U.S.
Stane = STAH' NEH
Hr: Stiepo, Stijepo, Stepan
It: Stefan
En: Stephen, Steven, Steve
Stiepo = STEE EH' POH
Stos"e -- see Anastasija
Tonc'i, Tonko -- see Antun  
Hr: Vicko, Visko, Vinko
It: Vincenzo
Lt: Vincentius
En: Vincent, Vince, "William"
Vicko = VEETS' KOH
Vicko often became William
in the States.
Hr: Vlaho
It: Biagio
Lt: Blasius
En: Blas, "Charlie," "Ed"
For some reason, Vlaho often
became Charles or Charlie in
the States. A few became Ed or Edward or Ned.
Vlaho = VLAH' HO
Vuko -- see Luka