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We have data and/or photos on the following surnames. To contact us about the exact contents of the information, e-mail here. Put "CIHP list" in the heading of your e-mail. All information is free.

Surnames are given with spelling variants and original spelling (village of origin is given in parentheses) [known places of immigration are given in brackets]

Alaga (Bani, Vodovadja) [Watsonville, CA]
Alamat (see Lamat)
Antunovich/Antonovich, Antunovic' (D'urinic'i, Durinici) [Reno, NV; Los Angeles]
Arbanas, Arbanasin (Ljuta) [Watsonville, Oakland, Angels Camp, CA]
Arcanin, Arc'anin (Obod) [Watsonville]
Arkulin (Cavtat, Lovorno) [Watsonville, CA]
Arnerich (Dol, Brac") [Watsonville, CA]
Bakich (C"ilipi, island of Brac") [Watsonville, Oakland, CA]
Balich (Lovorno) [San Francisco, Watsonville, CA]
Banaz, Banac (Popovic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Banovac (Dubrovac"a Primorje) [Watsonville, CA]
Banich, Banic' (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [
Watsonville, CA]
Baljevich, Baljevic' (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Oakland, CA]
Barbier, Barbijer, Barbjer (Poljice) [Fresno, CA]
Barbora, Brbora (Doli?) [Watsonville, CA]
Basor (Dunave) [Watsonville, CA]
Batinich, Battinich (Gromac"a, Gromaca, Primorje) [Watsonville, CA]
Baule (Komaji) [Watsonville, CA]
Becir, Bec'ir, Beecher (Ploc"ice, Plocice, Molunat) [Watsonville, Jackson, Los Angeles, CA]
Bendish, Bendis" (Radovc"ic'i) [New York]
Biele, Bjele (Buic'i, Buici, Z"upa region) [Watsonville, CA]
Birimisa (see Bremis)
Biskup (Mijkovi, Primorje) [Watsonville, CA]
Bogisic, Bogis"ic' (Mrcine) [Watsonville, CA]
Bokarica, Bokariza (Gruda) [Plymouth, Watsonville, CA]
Borina (Osojnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Borovinich (C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Manteca, Tracy, Watsonville, CA]
Boskovich, Boscovich, Bos"kovic' (C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Brailo (Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Brajevich (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Fresno, CA; Los Angeles; Watsonville, CA; New York City]
Braycovich, Brajkovic' (Zastolje) [Watsonville]
Bremis, Birimisa, Birimis"a (Ljuta) [Watsonville, CA]
Bronzan (Popovoc'i, Popovici, Komaji) [Fresno, CA; Manteca, CA]
Bronich (orig: Borovinich)
Buak, Bujak (Primorje region) [Watsonville, CA]
Budman (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Jackson, CA; Los Angeles]
Buksa, Buks"a (island of Pag) [Watsonville, CA]
Butier, Butijer (Drvenik) [Watsonville]
Capitanich (see Kapetanich)
Caput, Saput (Pridvorje, Mrcine) [Watsonville, Jackson, CA]
Ceo, Cheo, C'eo (Lovorno) [Stockton, CA]
Cikuth, Ceckuth, Cikut (Mihanic'i) [Watsonville, CA; New York]
Chetkovich, Cvietkovich, Cvjetkovic' (Radovc"ic'i, Radovcici) [Angels Camp, CA; Palo Alto, CA]
Chikato, C"ikato (Primorje region) [Los Angeles]
Chumo, C'umo (Cavtat, Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA; Oakland, CA]
Cicisily, Cicijelj (Vodovodja, Vodovod'a) [Watsonville, CA]
Claich, Glaich, Klaic' (Popovic'i) [Jackson, CA]
Colendich, Kolendic' (Donji Brgat) [Watsonville, CA]
Comaich, see Komaich
Cordich, Kordic' (Gabrili) [Watsonville, CA]
Copriviza, Koprivica (Radovc"ic'i, Radovcici) [Watsonville]
Cumbelich, Cumberlich, C"umbelic' (island of Mljet) [Monterey, CA; Oakland, CA]
Cupich, Chupich, C"upic' (Vodovadja) [[Watsonville, CA; Gilroy, CA]
Cushey, see Kusely
Dalmatin (Moc"ic'i) [didn't immigrate]
Derania, Derenia, Deranja (Gruda) [Watsonville, CA; Plymouth, CA]
Desin (D'urinic'i, Durinici, Molunat) [New Orleans; San Francisco]
Diklich, Diklic' (Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Dobrasin, Cobras"in (Ljuta) [Croatian photo; didn't immigrate]
Draskovich, Dras"kovic' (Gruda) [Croatian photo; didn't immigrate]
Drobac, Drobaz, Drobatz (Komaji) [Watsonville, CA]
Fiorovich, Fjorovic' (Vodovadja) [Watsonville]
Fornisich (?) [have one photo from Watsonville]
Franich, Franic' (C"ilipi) [[Watsonville, CA]
Franusich, Franus"ic' (near Ston) [San Francisco]
Gera (Gromac"a) [Watsonville, CA]
Germolis, Germolez, Gram, Grmoljez (Mrcine) [all over California]
Gizdich, Giz"dic' (Klis) [Watsonville, CA]
Glavich, Glavic' (Gruda) [Watsonville, CA; Jackson, CA; Fiddletown, CA; Plymouth, CA]
Glage, Gled', Gled (Gunjina, Vodovodja, Vodovod'a) [Jackson, CA; Watsonville, CA; Vancouver, Canada]
Glavinich, Glavanich, Glavenich, Glavinic' (Mrcine) [Jackson, CA]
Gluhan (Uskoplje) [Watsonville, CA; San Jose, CA]
Gospodnetich (Dol, Brac") [Watsonville]
Grassi (island of Lopud) [Watsonville, CA]
Grizich (Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Gulermovich, Guljelmovic' (Cavtat, Obod) [Watsonville, CA]
Gurash, Jurash, D"uras" (Popovic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Gurovich, D'urovic' (Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Hidza (see Iggia)
Hrepich (Dol, Brac") [Watsonville]
Iggia, Egge Hidza (Komaji) [Watsonville, CA]
Ivancovich, Ivankovic' (Klis"evo) [Watsonville, CA]
Ivanovich, Ivanovic' (Mijkovi) [Watsonville, CA]
Ivelich (Praz"nice, Brac"; Praznice) [Watsonville, CA]
Jagich, Jagic' (Mrcine) [Watsonville, CA]
Jalovica (??) [one photo from Watsonville]
Jano, D'ano, Djano (Mrcine, Dubravka) [Watsonville]
Jercich (Praz"nice, Brac"; Praznice) [Watsonville, CA]
Jerinich, Jerinic' (Radovc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Jerkovich, Yerkovich (Ljubac") [Watsonville, CA]
Jozovich (Duba) [Watsonville]
Jukich (Split, island of Pag) [Watsonville, CA]
Jurash (see Gurash)
Kalich, Kalac"ic' (C"ilipi) [Watsonville]
Kapetanich, Capitanich, Capatanich, Capetanich, (Lovorno) [Watsonville, CA; Stockton, CA; Jackson, CA; Angels Camp, CA]
Kelez (Dubrovnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Kesovia, Kesovija (Lovorno) [Plymouth, CA; Watsonville, CA]
Kise (D'urinic'i, Durinici) [Los Angeles]
Klaich (see Claich)
Klecak, Klec"ak (Gabrili) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Klichan, Klican, Klic"an (Poljice) [?]
Knego (S"umet, Sumet) [Watsonville]
Komaich, Comaich, Komaic', Komajic' (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Fresno, CA]
Konsuo (Primorje area of Dubrovnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Koprivica (see Copriviza)
Korach, Korac' (Gruda) [Watsonville]
Korotaj (Dubrovnik, Varazdin) [Watsonville, CA; San Jose, CA]
Kosuta, Kos"uta (Mrcine) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Kovacevich, Kovac"evic' (Mrcine) [Los Angeles]
Kralj (Dunave) [Watsonville]
Krilanovich, Krilanovic' (C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Kristovich, Christovich (Z"upa area) [Watsonville, CA; Fresno, CA]
Krlich (Osojnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Kukulica, Kukuljica (Ploc"ice, Plocice, Komaji, Mihanic'i, Mihanici) [Fresno, CA; Sanger, CA; Oakland, CA; Reno, NV; Los Angeles; Butte, MT; Park City, UT]
Kulish, Kulis" (Mrcine) [Watsonville, CA; San Jose, CA]
Kulisich, Kulis"ic' (Z"upa area) [Watsonville, CA]
Kuraica, Kurajica (Z"upa, Zupa) [Watsonville, CA]
Kusalo (Gromac"a, Gromaca) [Fresno, CA]
Kusanovich (Praz"nica, island of Brac") [Watsonville]
Kusely, Kuselj, Kus"elj, Kusel, also Perich (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Fresno, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Watsonville, CA; Idaho]
Kuzich (??) [Park City, UT]
Lakona (Mikulic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Lamat/Lamont, Alamat (Zastolje) [Watsonville, CA; all over CA]
Laptalo (Klis"evo, Klisevo) [Watsonville, CA]
Lasich, Lasic' (Dunave) [Plymouth, CA; Oakland, CA; Watsonville, CA]
Lazarevich, Lazarevic' (Mrcine) [Los Angeles]
Lettis (Montenegro) [Watsonville]
Lettunich, Letunic' (Mihanic'i) [Watsonville]
Lister (??) [Watsonville, CA]
Lobrovich, Lobrovic' (Primorje area nr. Dubrovnik) [San Joaquin Valley, CA]
Lucich, Luc"ic' (Primorje, Z"upa areas nr. Dubrovnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Lubenko, Ljubenko (D'urinic'i, Durinici, Molunat) [Plymouth, CA; Jackson, CA; Fresno, CA]
Lubisich, Ljubis"ic' (Primorje area nr. Dubrovnik) [Clovis, CA; San Joaquin Valley, CA]
Luich, Luic' (Kuna) [Oakland, CA; South Dakota]
Madesko, Mades"ko (Drvenik) [Watsonville, CA]
Magud (Gruda) [Jackson, CA]
Maleta, Kesovija (Lovorno) [Watsonville, CA]
Mantalica (??) [South Dakota]
Margaretich (Gromac"a, Gromaca) [Watsonville, other parts of Calif]
Marich, Maric' (Z"upa, nr. Dubrovnik) [Oakland, CA]
Marinovich, Marinovic' (Mikulic'i, Mikulici, Mihanic'i, Mihanici) [Watsonville, CA; Jackson, CA; Butte, MT]
Marish, maybe Maric' or Maris" (Split) [San Francisco]
Matiasevich, Matijasevic', Matiasevic' (Popovic'i, Popovici, Cavtat) [Watsonville, CA]
Matovich, Matic"evic' (nr. Dubrovnik) [San Francisco]
Matkovich (Borje, Peljes"ac) [San Francisco]
Matson, Macan (Gruda) [all over CA]
Matusich, Matus"ic' (Gromac"a) [Watsonville, CA]
Mekis, Mekis" (Poljice) [Watsonville]
Memed (Ploc"ice) [Watsonville, CA]
Metkovich, Metcovich, Metkovic' (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Fresno, CA; Angels Camp, CA; Los Angeles]
Miatovich, Miatovic', Mijatovic' (Gruda) [Los Angeles; Angels Camp, CA]
Miladin, Milladin (Brotnice, Bani) [Watsonville, CA]
Milat (??; maybe Korc"ula) [Watsonville, CA]
Milich, Milic' (Moc"ic'i, Mocici) [Watsonville, CA]
Miljanovich, Miljanovic' (C"ilipi) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Miljas (Mihanic'i) [Watsonville, CA; Gilroy, CA]
Milkovich, Milkovic' (Mrcine) [San Francisco]
Miocevich, Mioc"evic', Mihocevich, Mihoc"evic' (Pridvorje) [San Jose, CA; San Francisco, CA]
Mjesecevich, Mjesec"evic' (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Los Angeles; Watsonville, CA]
Monkovich, Moncovich, Monkovic' (Ljuta) [Watsonville]
Mortizia, Mortizija (Ljuta) [San Francisco area]
Niere, Nire, Njire (Gromac"a, Gromaca, C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Fresno, CA; Hanford, CA]
Nirich, Njiric' (Ljuta, Zaton, Ljubac") [Jackson, CA; Watsonville, CA]
Novacovich, Novakovich, Novakovic' (C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Watsonville, CA; Oakland, CA]
Palcich, Palc"ic; (island of Pag) [Watsonville, CA]
Paletak, Paljetak (Gruda, Poljice) [Jackson, CA; Plymouth, CA]
Pascovich, Paskovich, Paskovic' (Vitaljina) [Los Angeles]
Paulich (??) [photo from Watsonville, CA]
Pechar, Pec'ar (nr. Gruda) [Croatian photo; didn't immigrate]
Peko (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Arizona]
Pendo (Komaji) [Watsonville, CA]
Perak (Mrcine) [Croatian photos; did not immigrate]
Perich, see Kusely (Kuselj)
Perlando, Perlanda, Prlenda (Poljice) [Oakland, CA; Watsonville, CA]
Petran, Petron (??) [Oakland, CA]
Pierovich, Pierovic', Fiorovich, Fjorovic' (Vodovadja, Vodovad'a) [Watsonville, CA; Jackson, CA]
Piplica (Moc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Pista, Pis"ta (Ljuta) [Watsonville]
Podich, Podic' (Vatasi, Vodovadja, Vodovad'a) [Watsonville, CA; San Jose, CA]
Pokovich, Pokovic' (Ljuta) [Watsonville]
Prokurica, Prokuriza (Pridvorje) [Watsonville, CA]
Pudding (??) [one photo from Livermore, CA]
Pulich, Pulic' (Mrcine) [many photos from this family]
Pusich, Pus"ic' (Vodovadja) [Los Angeles, CA]
Radin (Mihanic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Radonich, Radonic' (Gruda) [Watsonville, CA]
Radovich, Radovic' ((C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Ramadan (Vodovadja) [didn't immigrate]
Rase, Ras"e (Zvekovica) [Watsonville; San Francisco]
Relja (Radovc"ic'i) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Rems (Dubrovnik) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Resetar, Res"etar (C"ilipi) [Watsonville]
Rilovich, Rilovic' (Radovc"ic'i, Radovcici) [Watsonville, CA; San Mateo, CA]
Roncevich, Ronc"evic' (Vodovadja) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Rossich, Rosic' (Viganj, Peljes"ac) [San Francisco]
Russo, Ruso (Moc"ic'i, Mocici, C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Rustan (Pridvorje) [Watsonville, CA; Manteca, CA]
Sablich, Sabljic', Sablic' (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Fresno, CA; Oakland, CA]
Salatich, Salatic' (Zastolje) [Watsonville, CA]
Sambrailo (Zastolje) [Watsonville, CA; Los Angeles]
Sapro, S"apro (Zastolje) [Watsonville, CA]
Sargota, Srgota (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Fresno, CA; Los Angeles; New York City]
Saulovich, Saulovic' (Palje Brdo) [Watsonville, CA]
Saveria (Obod) [Watsonville, CA]
Scurich, Skuric' (C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Secondo, Sekondo (Pridvorje) [Watsonville, CA; Tieton, WA]
Sekulic' (Popovic'i) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Semes, Shemas, Shemesh, S"emes" (Lovorno) [Los Angeles]
Sersen, Srsen, Srs"en (island of Mljet) [Watsonville, CA; Monterey, CA]
Setalo, S"etalo (Z"upa area nr. Dubrovnik) [Watsonville, CA]
Sglav, see Zglav
Simovich, Simovic' (C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Simunovich, Simunovic' (Os"lje?) [Watsonville, CA]
Skipa, S"kipa (Lovorno) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Skocko, Skochko, Skoc"ko (Ljuta) [Watsonville, CA; Fresno, CA; Jackson, CA; Angels Camp, CA]
Skvicalo, Skvic"alo (Pridvorje) [Los Angeles]
Skvrce, Skuce (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Oakland, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Concord, CA; Jackson, CA]
Smolich (??) [Sacramento, CA]
Spikula, S"pikula (Ljubac") [Watsonville, CA]
Srezovich, Srezovic' (Radovc"ic'i) [Watsonville, CA]
Stepovich, Stijepovic' (Rid'ica) [Fresno, CA]
Stolich, Stolic' (Moc"ic'i, Mocici, C"ilipi, Cilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Strazicich (island of Mljet) [Watsonville]
Tarash, Taras" (Ljuta) [Nevada]
Telonich (??) [Stockton?, CA; Jackson?, CA]
Tovaraz, Tovarac (Ston) [Watsonville]
Trojan, Troyan (Mikulic'i, Mikulici) [Angels Camp, CA; Los Angeles; Watsonville, CA]
Tutman (Rid'ica) [San Mateo, CA, area]
Ucovich, Ucovic' (Zastolje) [Watsonville, CA]
Valjalo, Vialo (Dunave) [Watsonville, CA; San Jose, CA; Oakland, CA]
Veselich, Veselic' (Pridvorje) [Watsonville, CA; Los Angeles]
Vezilich, Vezilic' (C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Vidak (Gruda) [Watsonville, CA; San Francisco]
Viscovich, Viskovich, Viskovic' (??) [Watsonville, CA]
Vlahovich, Vlahovic' (??) [Watsonville, CA]
Vlahutin, Vlautin (Gabrili) [Watsonville, CA; San Francisco]
Vlasich, Vlasic' (??) [Santa Cruz, CA]
Vojvoda (??) [Oakland, CA; Watsonville, CA]
Vukasovich, Vukasovic' (??) [Watsonville, CA]
Vukich, Vukic' (Lovorno) [Watsonville, CA]
Vuksan (Zagreb?) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Vusich, Vus"ic' (Ploc"ice, Plocice) [Fresno, CA; Los Angeles]
Yerkovich (see Jerkovich)
Zar, Car (Zastolje) [Watsonville]
Zglav, Sglav (Poljice) [California]
Zore (Popovic'i) [Croatian photo; did not immigrate]
Zoulin (??) [Aromas, CA]
Zupan, Z"upan (C"ilipi) [Watsonville, CA]
Zvone (Trnovo) [Watsonville, CA]