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Croatian Immigrant History Project,
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We are collecting photos of people who were born near Dubrovnik and who emigrated before 1920. The photos can be from the Old Country before they emigrated or from their new home -- it makes no difference.

Photos of the first generation born in the new country would also be of interest but only if they are deceased. We intentionally do not try to collect photos of living people because of privacy issues. However, if you wish to send such photos, we will accept them.

Each photo should have accompanying identification. If sending photocopies, just write directly on the paper (in the margins, not on the photo). If sending disks, send an accompanying paper that explains who is in each photo. Or else print out each photo and write on the paper.

To make it easier, you may want to fill out a biographical sheet for each immigrant. Here is a PDF version of the bio sheet for downloading (60K). And here is an HTML version.

There are two ways to send images of photos:

1) The cheapest way is to
have color photocopies made of the original photos. Even though the photos are probably in black-in-white, the black-and-white photocopying process does not do as good a job as the color photocopying process. Take the photos to a large photocopy store such as Kinko's and ask them to do the job for you on a color machine. They know how to tweak the machines to get the best results. Ask them to use the best quality paper. They can "gang" photos together if they are small enough, which means they put as many as they can onto one sheet of paper. The cost is anywhere from 99¢ to $2 per sheet of paper.

When mailing photocopies, please don't fold the paper across the image of the photo. Use a large envelope or cut the photos individually from the photocopy paper. See mailing address, below.

2) Send us
tif images on a CD disk (not a floppy). You must have both a scanner and a CD burner to do this. Or else have it done at a place like Kinko's. Please send tif files, uncompressed if possible. Aim for a file size of around 3-4 Mb per photo. In other words, increase or decrease the dpi (dots per inch) until you have a target size of around 3-4 Mb. If you are doing the scanning AND you have software that can write a caption into the tif file, please do so. In such a case, you do not have to send accompanying identification on paper. See mailing address, below.

Sending tif files by e-mail does not work because no one involved with this Project has a fast Internet connection. It takes a LONG time to receive such files.

The mailing address for this Project is:

(May through December)
Croatian Immigrant History Project
15607 E. McKinley Ave.
Sanger, CA 93657 USA

The mailing address for January through April is in Croatia. It varies each year. E-mail to find out.

Phone: 559/855-2101 (message only)